Month: August 2017

RANT: Bethesda Dun F***ed It Up

RANT: Bethesda Dun F***ed It Up

With one update, Bethesda has swiftly and efficiently destroyed the entire gaming community for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Remastered on consoles. What kind of moron thought people would be okay with paid mods? How in the hell did The Creation Club actually become a thing?? Who wanted this?? Furthermore, why would I bother with paid mods on console, when I can just go to the Steam Workshop and download mods on there for FREE? This whole idea makes absolutely no sense, and it boggles my mind how Bethesda went from a brilliant gaming company to a cash whore.

I feel cheated, and so does everyone else. The first thing that comes up when I search up The Creation Club is nothing but hate towards it. Nobody in the Skyrim/Fallout community wanted this to be a thing, and that’s why it confuses me so much. There is absolutely no communication between us and Bethesda, none! I would maybe understand this if the mods were high-end and AAA levels of good, but they’re not! They have nothing but skins and mods that you can already download for free. Also, the free versions of the mods are better looking than the paid versions!! What the hell, Bethesda?

Seriously, look at this crap:


This is considered “worthy content” to be paid for. Even though all of this content here is all available for free. This is so stupid. I think I’m gonna need a moment, I’m still trying to wrap my head around why Bethesda thought this was a good idea. It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me. In the meantime, go check out Nexus Mods to get yourself FREE Skyrim & Fallout 4 mods. Also, don’t forget to go check out the Steam Workshop for each of the games. They have a decent library. Come on, Bethesda. You’re better than this!!


How is the Xbox One X popular??

How is the Xbox One X popular??


So apparently, according to Microsoft, pre-orders for the Xbox One X have officially sold out and it’s outpaced any previous Xbox they’ve developed in the past. This console, bare in mind, is being sold for $499.99, and yet surprisingly, that doesn’t seem to upset anyone at all. Curious, because back in 2014 when the Xbox One was announced, everyone was upset and shocked by the console’s price. However, when Microsoft states that the console will be “the most powerful console ever”, suddenly, everyone becomes ecstatic about it and proceed to blindly go pre-order at will. Why? What changed? What makes this so different from what Microsoft tried to do back in 2014??

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve viewed the specs for this console, and I understand why many gamers would be happy for this upcoming Xbox, but I found it odd when I saw Rise of the Tomb Raider played on the Xbox One X didn’t surprise me. This console is supposed to come with true next-gen graphics, 4k visuals, smooth lighting and textures, and a boost in framerates. Yet … the game looked no different than how I viewed on the original Xbox One. I’m sorry, but when your game can’t look better than Until Dawn on PS4, and you’re playing the game on a “4k HD console”, I start to feel like you aren’t being so truthful with your product.

Also, when comparing the consoles specs to your average gaming PC specs, it’s meh really. Nothing special. It’s got a couple nice features, but that’s about it. Sure it may sound great for a gaming console, but when you can just get a gaming PC for $100-$150 cheaper, it comes down to what would you rather pay for? My main question though is where the hell did this sudden hype come from??

When the Xbox One was $500 …

The original Xbox One was met with a lot of criticism when it was first announced. Not only was $499.99 price seen as outrageous, but the requirements to get the console operating was also viewed as unnecessary. The console had to be connected to the internet at all times, it also required a Kinect device for it to fully function, and even worse, Microsoft had been (and still is) colluding with the NSA. Allowing them to conduct surveillance on those who purchased the console.

Since all of this information was leaked out, the company suffered. Little to no one had bought the console, and had instead focused on their attention on the #399.99 PS4 that Sony announced. So what did Microsoft do? They finally listened. They made the console able to be used online, they removed the Kinect and eventually discontinued it, and they downed the price to $399.99. Though the console had some trouble with Lizard Squad during Christmas of the same year, the Xbox One went on to being a decent console and had worked great.

So back then, we weren’t willing to pay $500 for the console, but suddenly we’re cool with it? I’m still trying to figure out why.

Do NOT Pre-Order Consoles

How are the pre-orders for the Xbox One X so high? While I can agree with some of the hype, I find it very risky to go and pre-order a console you haven’t truly seen yet. Remember, you are investing $500 into this. So you better hope and pray that it doesn’t come out in a bad state. Since pre-orders are sold out, that means they will need a few months to make new models for those who didn’t get to purchase them in time. So if anything happens to your console, you’ll be stuck waiting for a few months until you get your new console with you warranty.

This is a very risky decision. Look at what happened with the Nintendo Switch back when it first came out. “What are you talking about, Mason?? That console is awesome. It didn’t suck.” You may say. Yeah, for the most part is was an excellent console … for some, not all. When the console finally came to the states, it was met with praise and criticism within it’s first days. The issues were the following: screen tearing, framerate dropping, texture glitches, game crashes, loud ear-piercing noises, dead pixels, small game library, the docking station causing scratches on the tablet’s screen, and even games being rendered unplayable.

When you sink $500 into the pre-order of a console, you better know exactly what you’re paying for, and you better hope it works.

In Conclusion

Think before you buy. I understand that the specs on the Xbox One X are very high quality compared to other specs for consoles. However, the best way to properly purchase a console, is to wait and see. Just wait a little while longer, save your money, and truly make sure that the console is truly the greatest ever made. You are only going to feel horrible when you get the console, and it turns out to be a total, technical, or glitch mess. You don’t want to feel like you just threw away $500 when you get your product. I won’t be able to stop you from buying it, but at least let this serve as a warning when pre-ordering gaming consoles.

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Texas Needs Help

Texas Needs Help

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and it came in with unrelenting force. Neighborhoods were flooded, cities and towns were destroyed, and several thousand families will be left without homes. This hurricane has done more damage than anyone ever anticipated, and the rain keeps coming. Harvey is said to continue for at least 2-3 more days before it finally dies out. The people of Texas need our help. Now more than ever.

It’s time to put our differences aside and work together to help these people out. We need to shun the dividers, and come together through this difficult time. We all have $1. If we all put that towards the efforts to helping Texas, we could help thousands. Whether it would be $10, $5, $1, or even a few cents, every little bits. Here are a few sites you can give your support to. Go now, and help out Americans who are in dire need. Though times may be dark, our unity and patriotism will pull through.

Red Cross:

The Salvation Army:


Are We Milking Games Now?

Are We Milking Games Now?


After watching the reveal trailer of FFXV Pocket Edition coming out this Fall for iOS and Android, I came to a sudden realization. Are we just milking games now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very big fan of Final Fantasy XV. It was a very enjoyable game and I really loved the game’s story and unique gameplay. I have invested over 50 hours of gameplay into it, and more with my recent replay of it. I love this game, but after that shitty mobile game (Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire), why do we need a pocket edition of FFXV??

Seriously, I find this concept extremely comedic. The graphics in trailer were so low and boring. I understand it’s on mobile, but I’ve seen free-to-play titles on mobile that look far superior than what Square-Enix was advertising here. Not only that, but this trailer made me realize that this company isn’t the only one guilty of this. These kind of practices are happening with games like Skyrim, Payday 2, Dota 2, GTA V, and even The Witcher.

While some are okay with this, I find it rather sad. Gone are the days of developers making original content. Now, it’s to see how much we can milk trending/popular games, because it cheaper and faster. I hate it.

Another F***ing Card Game

The company who I feel is infamous right now is Valve with one of their somewhat famous titles, Dota 2. Just recently, the company has announced a brand new game they were releasing. The game was released at a Dota 2 convention. Players instantly grew extremely excited. It has been five years since Valve made their own game, with Dota 2 being released back in 2013. When this teaser trailer was released, people instantly starting wondering. Was it Half-Life 3? Was it Portal 3? Left 4 Dead 3? Players were instantly met with disappointed when the teaser ended and it was revealed that the game was called “Artifact . . . A Dota Card Game”.

The entire crowd at the convention gave, in unison, a loud “Awwww!” at the unfortunate sight of this dreadful truth. After everything the Steam Community has been begging for, after praying and hoping for the possible chance of a Half-Life 3, Valve swiftly and efficiently crushed those dreams with this one teaser trailer. A card game nobody, anywhere was asking for. Instead of making a original title, this company decides to instead milk an already popular game. Why? Because it’s cheaper, faster, and risk-free.

Rest In Peace, Half-Life … you will be remembered.


GTA V Has To End!

Before you guys start hating, allow me to clarify. I loved GTA V back in the day. It was, and still is, one of the greatest GTA titles to date. Right up there with GTA IV and GTA San Andreas. It has an amazing and crazy story, brilliant graphics, hilarious characters, and an enormous open world. However, I feel that Rockstar has already milked the cow enough. This game has over twenty updates/DLCs under it’s name, and these went on for a period of three years!

Oh, and all of these updates/DLCs were strictly for GTA Online. That’s right, they added nothing new to the Campaign. They had every opportunity to do so, and didn’t even bother. Because of this, I can not stop hearing about GTA V. Nothing but poorly made GTA V videos plague YouTube, and it makes me want to blow my brains out. I’m so grateful that they are putting the money towards Red Dead Redemption 2. A game that I am very much looking forward to.


Bethesda, It’s Time To Stop …

Skyrim, as you guys know already, is one of my favorite games of all time. I’ve bought the game more than once I love it so damn much. This is one game that I’ve been playing since it’s release back in 2011. I love this game to death, and nothing will ever change that, but I think Bethesda is starting to get too greedy with it. Don’t get me wrong, the great, and it’s amazing on next-gen consoles. However, they’ve released this game twice now on multiple consoles at this point.

Seriously, this game is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and now the Nintendo Switch. Six different platforms! To me, that’s where you start entering Resident Evil 4 territory. That game was available on GameCube, Android, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii, iOS, and even Zeebo. What the hell is Zeebo anyways? Sorry, I’m getting off track. Though Skyrim may not be as bad as RE4, I simply wish them to leave Skyrim as it is and move on to working on other things.

Thankfully, The Elder Scrolls VI is coming soon.

The Solution

I feel in order to get companies making more original content instead of milking currently popular games, we need to push gaming companies into giving us the consumers what we want. We cannot let them get away with releasing content that we don’t ask for. It makes them look more greedy than they do actually caring about their fan base. It’s very depressing what happened with Valve’s recent game. It’s a kick in the stomach to everyone who’s been begging for something better and original.

In Conclusion

Gaming is one of the greatest pieces of entertainment that has ever happened to this world. It’s brought a new form of creativity and imagination. It has allowed people to develop and construct worlds that they make from their minds. Immersive environments, large open worlds, and very powerful stories that can touch the hearts of many. However, I feel companies have slowly moved away from that. They’ve started making remasters, reboots, reimaginings, and now every major title has a silly card game affiliated with it.

Be original, guys. I understand you’re business men, but think of your fans.

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