RANT: Supply Drops in Call of Duty WW2

RANT: Supply Drops in Call of Duty WW2

NOTICE: Just wanted to let you guys know from here on out I will be posting random rants about certain topics on my blog. They’ll usually be short paragraphs of me simply arguing about something that “grinds my gears”. It won’t be like my other blog posts. Just short, sweet and to the point. Enjoy, and thanks again for the support!

As we should’ve all known by now, Call of Duty WW2 is indeed getting supply drops in the multiplayer. It was inevitable. However, its what they’re doing with it that has me furious at Sledgehammer. First off, Michael Condrey has stated that these Supply Drops will be purely cosmetic and nothing more. This is bullshit, pardon my French. We’ve seen this before in another now infamous Call of Duty game by the name of Modern Warfare Remastered. When Raven promised that the drops would be cosmetic only, and what happened? Weapon after weapon after weapon had been released. There’s now a total of over 10 new guns in the game.

Allow me to predict the future here, this won’t last. I’d say give it one to two months before Sledgehammer officially announces that they’ll be releasing, oh I don’t know, I’m guessing a new assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol. A month after that, they’ll announce a new update featuring a new sniper rifle this time, maybe even a new melee. At the end of the day, we won’t truly know until the game is released. All I can say is, gamers, look through every file this game has when it comes out. Find out if they’re hiding anything in the programming. I wanna know if my assumptions are correct.

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