RANT: Charlottesville was an Inside Job

RANT: Charlottesville was an Inside Job

This story is beginning to sound like something out of Deus Ex. So recently, a Charlottesville Police Officer had spoken out about the recent violence in the town and had one hell of a story to tell. According to this anonymous individual, everything that happened in Charlottesville was all pre-planned as far back as May. The officer said that the police was told to have the two protest groups (ANTIFA and Neo-Nazis) come together and clash. Beyond that, they were ordered to stand down by the mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer. The police were given absolutely no control over the entire event. They couldn’t go after the man who came in and ran over those people in the car.

This what happens when you give money and power to the wrong hands. When people like Michael Signer are driven to divide this country and bring chaos and anarchy into our home, then shit like this happens. When you successfully divide the people, it becomes a lot easier to control and manipulate them. This is a nasty tactic that the Democrats and the Media are infamous for. Divide and conquer.

To hear the full story, click here.

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