RANT: Pyrocynical Has Hit A New Low

RANT: Pyrocynical Has Hit A New Low

Yes, I just made that the title. Pyrocynical has indeed hit a new low, and it is truly a sad sight to see. I love this 20 year old man. He’s made hilarious content in the past, he’s made me laugh and cringe for the past year now, and I couldn’t appreciate him more. However, as of recently, I’ve grown so god damn tired of his recent videos. They seriously bore me. It’s been the same video every single week, and I’m slowly losing hope of any original content from him.

Seriously, go look at his recent videos and tell me if you notice something. That’s right, four damn videos in the past 3 weeks with Jake Paul in the damn title. As if this damn site hasn’t heard enough of him already. Pyro once had been posting “original” content. He made gameplay videos, he made organized commentary videos (not talking about the gaming commentaries). This mini Golden Age started for him when he began the Black Mesa series.

Yeah, Pyro. Don’t think we forgot about that. This when I really started enjoying his channel. Seeing Pyro traverse through one of my favorite PC games of all time. It was practically a dream come true, and I loved those videos. However, when Jake Paul took YouTube by storm, that entire series got flushed down the toilet, and we have to deal with hearing about nothing but YouTube drama.

It has been 2 fucking months since the last Black Mesa video, and we want answers! If not a new video, at least provide some closure as to why it hasn’t been continued. You are not going to pull a Valve on us, Pyrocynical. We want to see you make on your promise and FINISH Black Mesa!

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