RANT: California Crossed The Line!

RANT: California Crossed The Line!

Children’s minds are more easily accepting of indoctrination, and this disgusting story is proof of that! Never in my life have I been more angry and infuriated by public schools than I am with this unholy story. Just recently a Kindergarten school in Sacramento, CA had been found actively teaching about transgender identity, and that isn’t even the worst part. They had forced an innocent Five-year-old boy into accepting to be changed into a girl by name and attire for the whole day. This after doing some insane ceremony celebrating this crap, and it was to be permanent.

What happened afterwards? Every kid who witnessed this event was traumatized. Many of them scared and afraid that they would turn into a boy or a girl, because none of them understood anything the teacher was explaining. Also, the boy who was forced into being a girl, came home asking if he could dress as a girl from now on. This is the absolute most insane teaching I’ve ever heard. You can NOT do this to little kids!! Their brains are NOT fully developed. They can NOT rationally make their own decisions at their age, and doing this to them will lead them down a path of self destruction if they change their minds later on.

Once you make the choice to go transgender, there is NO going back! You choices are final in the matter. Changing back is all but impossible after you cross the point of no return, and that’s why this shit can NOT be taught in public schools. Especially when your teaching it to kids who have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. Do NOT make decisions for them! You do NOT control their life! They do!

If you’re forcing a child to make an adult decision, then they should be given the choice to drink alcohol. The choice to carry a firearm and get a permit. The choice to go gamble at a casino. When do know when to say no!? Let me ask you this Sacramento, what if that was your child? What if I forced your child into becoming the opposite sex without your consent? What if I told your child to ignore your opinion on the matter, and that your child could make his or her own choices without your knowledge? How would you feel?

For the full story, click here.

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