Month: August 2017

RANT: California Crossed The Line!

RANT: California Crossed The Line!

Children’s minds are more easily accepting of indoctrination, and this disgusting story is proof of that! Never in my life have I been more angry and infuriated by public schools than I am with this unholy story. Just recently a Kindergarten school in Sacramento, CA had been found actively teaching about transgender identity, and that isn’t even the worst part. They had forced an innocent Five-year-old boy into accepting to be changed into a girl by name and attire for the whole day. This after doing some insane ceremony celebrating this crap, and it was to be permanent.

What happened afterwards? Every kid who witnessed this event was traumatized. Many of them scared and afraid that they would turn into a boy or a girl, because none of them understood anything the teacher was explaining. Also, the boy who was forced into being a girl, came home asking if he could dress as a girl from now on. This is the absolute most insane teaching I’ve ever heard. You can NOT do this to little kids!! Their brains are NOT fully developed. They can NOT rationally make their own decisions at their age, and doing this to them will lead them down a path of self destruction if they change their minds later on.

Once you make the choice to go transgender, there is NO going back! You choices are final in the matter. Changing back is all but impossible after you cross the point of no return, and that’s why this shit can NOT be taught in public schools. Especially when your teaching it to kids who have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. Do NOT make decisions for them! You do NOT control their life! They do!

If you’re forcing a child to make an adult decision, then they should be given the choice to drink alcohol. The choice to carry a firearm and get a permit. The choice to go gamble at a casino. When do know when to say no!? Let me ask you this Sacramento, what if that was your child? What if I forced your child into becoming the opposite sex without your consent? What if I told your child to ignore your opinion on the matter, and that your child could make his or her own choices without your knowledge? How would you feel?

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RANT: Pyrocynical Has Hit A New Low

RANT: Pyrocynical Has Hit A New Low

Yes, I just made that the title. Pyrocynical has indeed hit a new low, and it is truly a sad sight to see. I love this 20 year old man. He’s made hilarious content in the past, he’s made me laugh and cringe for the past year now, and I couldn’t appreciate him more. However, as of recently, I’ve grown so god damn tired of his recent videos. They seriously bore me. It’s been the same video every single week, and I’m slowly losing hope of any original content from him.

Seriously, go look at his recent videos and tell me if you notice something. That’s right, four damn videos in the past 3 weeks with Jake Paul in the damn title. As if this damn site hasn’t heard enough of him already. Pyro once had been posting “original” content. He made gameplay videos, he made organized commentary videos (not talking about the gaming commentaries). This mini Golden Age started for him when he began the Black Mesa series.

Yeah, Pyro. Don’t think we forgot about that. This when I really started enjoying his channel. Seeing Pyro traverse through one of my favorite PC games of all time. It was practically a dream come true, and I loved those videos. However, when Jake Paul took YouTube by storm, that entire series got flushed down the toilet, and we have to deal with hearing about nothing but YouTube drama.

It has been 2 fucking months since the last Black Mesa video, and we want answers! If not a new video, at least provide some closure as to why it hasn’t been continued. You are not going to pull a Valve on us, Pyrocynical. We want to see you make on your promise and FINISH Black Mesa!

RANT: Charlottesville was an Inside Job

RANT: Charlottesville was an Inside Job

This story is beginning to sound like something out of Deus Ex. So recently, a Charlottesville Police Officer had spoken out about the recent violence in the town and had one hell of a story to tell. According to this anonymous individual, everything that happened in Charlottesville was all pre-planned as far back as May. The officer said that the police was told to have the two protest groups (ANTIFA and Neo-Nazis) come together and clash. Beyond that, they were ordered to stand down by the mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer. The police were given absolutely no control over the entire event. They couldn’t go after the man who came in and ran over those people in the car.

This what happens when you give money and power to the wrong hands. When people like Michael Signer are driven to divide this country and bring chaos and anarchy into our home, then shit like this happens. When you successfully divide the people, it becomes a lot easier to control and manipulate them. This is a nasty tactic that the Democrats and the Media are infamous for. Divide and conquer.

To hear the full story, click here.

History Being Deleted …

History Being Deleted …


The George Orwell classic, 1984, had shown a grim reality of what our world would look like if we had deleted our history. It was a terrifying world where the government controlled everything and everyone. It’s a scary and harsh reality that we are now beginning to enter. With ISIS destroying Christian landmarks in the middle east, and now liberals destroying historical landmarks in the south. This kind of stuff has been foretold for years now, and it’s finally happening. What happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Communist China will soon happen here.

People are blinded by the media and whatever they say. They refuse to accept the fact that history happened. They continue to dwell on the past instead of doing what’s important and focusing on the future. Whether you wish to deny it or not, the Civil War happened. World War 2 and the Nazi Regime happened. Civil Rights happened. We use these historical events to ensure that stuff like the Civil War and World War 2 may never happen again. However, what has happened in North Carolina is only one of many stories where history was either deleted or altered.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy was Insane

During the aftermath of World War 2, both America and the Soviet Union found themselves neck and neck with each other. Both super powers had the big red button ready to drop a nuke. However, to make sure that wouldn’t happen, we both decided to spy on each other for a long time. Making sure we were one step ahead of the other. With that, The Red Scare began. Americans across the country were told about the dangers of Communism and Communist Sympathizers inside the United States. A big part of that was from Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

McCarthy started his campaign in 1950 to hunt down Communist/Soviet spies within the USA. However, regardless of him simply looking out for his country, the Democratic party as well as the media hated on him. Claiming he was simply on an immoral witch hunt. He was even given more hate when the Rosenberg Trials happened. Where he successfully captured two confirmed Russian spies, had them tried for treason, and executed. This caused McCarthy to lose almost all of his credibility. People thinking that the Rosenbergs were innocent and wrongfully executed. For the longest, America simply believed that McCarthy was insane.

Then the Venona Papers were made and declassified in 1995 by the NSA.

Over 3,000 translated documents were found containing information regarding Russian spies within the United States who were stealing information on the US Atomic Bomb and the Manhattan Project. It had also included a list of confirmed Soviet Spies, two of them being the Rosenbergs. Not only that, but there were many other confirmed spies that had jobs within the White House, Capital Hill, the Pentagon, and even the Department of Treasury. Many of these names were people accused of being Soviet Spies by Joseph McCarthy himself.

McCarthy was right all along, and history painted him as a mad man.

Nazi Symbolism Censored

We’re all aware of the infamous Nazi symbol. That dreaded image of fascism and socialism. An image of hatred and racism. An image that brought the world to a bloody, brutal war, and tried to destroy who we are. An image that can not be forgotten for one simple reason, so that we may never forget the pain it caused. So we can truly be sure that an uprising like that will never happen again. However, ever since Germany laid down their new laws about Nazi Symbolism, the world has been trying to erase it from existence. Which is wrong.

Just recently, two Chinese tourists had travelled to Germany. They had no prior knowledge on the current laws in Germany, and were both caught giving the Nazi salute in front of the Reichstag in Berlin. Instead of giving them a slap on the wrist, the German police had them punished to the full extent. Three years in prison on a €500 ($600) bail without a single warning. Though they were able to pay off their bail, this kind of punishment to tourists is insane. All because they had no knowledge of the current laws in Germany. However, this isn’t even the half of it.

If you’re a recent viewer of mine, you’re most likely aware of what’s been happening with Call of Duty WW2 and how they’re censoring Nazi Symbolism in the game. I kind of understand there reasoning for removing it from multiplayer, however, this decision ruins the experience for players who wish to enjoy a historically accurate experience versus an inaccurate one. Also, Michael Condrey, please refrain from insulting those who critique your game. Thank you.

The Solution

Our past doesn’t define who we are, what we do defines who we are. In order to help prevent future chaos from unfolding, we must learn and remember our mistakes from the past. We remember the Civil War to ensure it’ll never happen again. We remember the Nazi Regime to prevent other organizations like this from uprising. We don’t do it to give royalty or praise, but to remember the torment it brought the world, and how we can come together and stop it from happening again.

In Conclusion

Since the 1950s, history has been altered and deleted. As technology evolves, it becomes easier to delete and alter history. Rewritting history books, altering historical articles, changing Common Core, and promoting historically inaccurate content. There’s one specific quote from Cpt. John Price that I feel fits perfectly. “History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives, and we die, his truth becomes written, and ours is lost. Shepard will be a hero, because all you need to change the world, is one good lie and a river of blood. He’s about to play the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth, but if only he lives and we die.” This in reference to Modern Warfare 2’s story. However, this quote is true.

It doesn’t take much to rewrite history.

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