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Nasty Practices Game Publishers are Infamous For …

Nasty Practices Game Publishers are Infamous For …


We all know the good and bad of the Gaming Industry. We’ve talked about it a lot on this website. We have seen many success stories of the industry like the Halo franchise, the Uncharted series, Final Fantasy, and even Stardew Valley. From Indie to AAA games, there have been many greats. However, for success there is also a colossal failure that has left a negative impact on the industry. These kind of things range from a large number of things. Whether it would be false advertising, micro-transactions, unfinished aspects, downgrades, and even outrageous prices. This can be severely damaging to the industry, and we’re going to talk about them today.

False Advertising

Many games have grown infamous for this practice. Such as Halo 5 Guardians, Aliens Colonial Marines, and of course, No Man’s Sky. With Halo 5 promoting this epic story with a rogue Master Chief going against another Spartan, Locke, trying to hunt him down. Only to find out that the story had nothing to do with Chief vs Locke. To Aliens Colonial Marines promising a horrifying and thrilling campaign, and we get cheesy Call of Duty-like story that makes little sense. Mighty No. 9 was expect to be this spiritual successor to Mega Man, and what we got was an average side scroller with a lame and dull story along with a failed launch.

It’s a despicable and deceptive practice that has been used for years.


Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that they have left a very negative impact on the Gaming Industry. While some games are able to get away with this practice (mostly because the game is free-to-play) others have made it poorly. Whether it would ruin the balance of the game or make the gameplay feel worthless, gaming companies have taken advantage of this greedy practice. From Destiny 2’s bright engrams with Eververse, to Black Ops 3 ridiculous supply drops, to NBA 2k18’s horrendous use of Virtual Currency, and even Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s unnecessary micro-transactions thrown into a single player experience.

The issues isn’t choice or cosmetic only garbage. The issue is when this stuff is thrown into $60 games. It makes it feel like the developers are telling their customers that their game isn’t worth playing, and that we’re better off just buying the content instead of working for it in-game. That’s how micro-transactions ruin $60 games.

Unfinished Aspects

We’ve all seen this in many games throughout the history of gaming. Though games from back in the day never really had this issue, several games in today’s time have done it so much as a way of releasing a Season Pass with their game. Basically, if the game developers can’t finish the game before release date, they’ll just release a Season Pass for the game and finish it later down the road for future DLC. It’s a nasty practice that every Call of Duty game all the way back to MW2 has used, and they aren’t the only ones guilty of this. Star Wars Battlefront EA tried selling us a $50 Season Pass to unlock the rest of the multiplayer experience as the rest of the maps were released. No Man’s Sky with it’s missing content that had been promised countless times before release date.

When we pay $60 for a game, we should expect and demand to get the full game. Not one third with the rest being blocked off by dollar signs.


I could be here all day talking about this, but I think I’ve basically made my point here today. These practices have infected the gaming industry with their filth and have systematically ruined franchises that had a good track record. Games that had a bright future were usually stamped out by practices like these. This is why Middle Earth: Shadow of War is being hated on right now for their recent addition of micro-transactions. It’s why Destiny 2 is being despised for their new additions that make the previous game look good in some aspects. It’s the reason NBA 2k18 is being panned for it’s clear greedy practices with their virtual currency system. People are sick and tired of this crap from the gaming industry.

Thankfully, games like Titanfall 2, Halo 5: Guardians, and even Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA are slowly changing. They may have micro-transactions, but they’re moving away from overpriced Season Passes and DLC’s, and hopefully, this will lead to a better future for the gaming industry.


RANT: Is Laziness the Norm in Gaming?

RANT: Is Laziness the Norm in Gaming?

Micro-transactions. Love ’em or hate ’em, they have been with us since they were first brought to us in the Mobile Gaming Industry. Since then, they’ve been added to almost every recent AAA title that has come out. Halo 5 Guardians, Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare Remastered, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and more. However with these new features, does this give players an option to be lazy? Gone are the days of grinding for the gear you want, playing hard-mode to get better rewards, and doing difficult challenges for extra stuff. Nope, we now have the option of simply buying all of that through micro-transactions, because companies know everyone has at least $5 on them and will most likely be willing to pay money for gear they don’t feel like grinding for.

Yes, I agree that this is all optional and many games do make them optional. But when you get yourself a game like NBA 2k18, where the game deliberately tries every possible way to get you to buy their crap, then it becomes a serious problem. When companies start developing these games to have such options, it gives us the impression that you’re telling us it’s not worth playing the game to get the gear you want. That’s like adding loot boxes to Dark Souls 3. That would completely ruin the whole purpose of Dark Souls, and that’s feeling good about overcoming incredibly difficult obstacles and getting badass gear and weapons.

We play video games so we can enter a world of challenges and strategy. We play games overcome difficult trials and earn some amazing in-game loot. We play full-priced games to get the full experience of the game. Not to play one half of it with the other half blocked off by a price tag. We play these types of games as an escape from reality and to be immersed into a world of our imagination or the imagination of the developers, and micro-transactions tend to ruin that experience when done poorly. While some games do it right (mostly free-to-play games), many fail at it.

Micro-Transactions can be done right, but when you make it your goal to persuade gamers into buying your loot boxes, you make it feel like your game isn’t worth playing to get the gear you want. This whole system can ruin any game, and it begins making gamers lazy.


How long have they lied??

How long have they lied??


I’ve recently come to the realization that there has been a pattern with the recent Call of Duty games. Since Black Ops 3, every CoD development team seems to always make  the same promise about their supply drop system, “It will be cosmetic only.”. A lot of people will tell me this is no surprising news coming from Call of Duty, however, we still buy it and believe every word. We keep hoping that they’re telling the truth. We keep hoping that they’ll release a fair and cosmetic only supply drop system. Yet the same thing happens every year. First few months are cosmetic only. After that, three new guns come out every other month. Usually a new assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol.

While (in my opinion) Infinite Warfare did a slightly better job at this, both Black Ops 3 and Modern Warfare Remastered made this a money whoring powerhouse. BO3 probably being the worst of the bunch. Making the RNG system damn near impossible to get a single gun from a supply drop. They don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re solely doing this for money and nothing more. Now, Sledgehammer is saying that their supply drops will be “cosmetic only”, and people are believing every word. I’m not saying I’ll be able to change your mind on buying future Call of Duty’s, I’m only saying don’t trust their words if they’ve lied before.

Black Ops 3 Supply Drops

This was the most infamous title when it came down to supply drops. Mostly do to their extremely low drop rate on weapons. If you go look on YouTube and view certain channels such as M3RKMUS1C and Ali-A, will show just how expensive it can get when trying to grind supply drops for certain guns. You can spend anywhere from $20 – $200 before you finally get the gun you want, and that’s if you’re lucky. Ali-A for example made several videos showing just how pricey things can get when trying to get these guns, and it can sometimes start entering the $500+ range.


Modern Warfare Remastered Supply Drops

Probably the most infamous of the bunch are MWR’s supply drop system. Raven kept promising “cosmetic only” supply drops, but we all knew what was coming. A couple months later, and we get our new assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol as if practically right on cue. Not only were these weapons rather difficult to unlock, but their appearance made several fans of the remastered game no longer consider it remastered. Instead we all just saw it as another empty shell for Activision to fill up with their micro-transaction bullshit. As if the overpriced Variety Map-Pack wasn’t enough. This game went from a fantastic remake of the original COD4, to another endless money machine for Activision, and it’s a damn shame.


Call of Duty WW2 Supply Drop Prediction

We all know what’s coming no matter how in denial we are. We need to accept the fact that what happened to the last Call of Duty games will indeed happen to this one, and we should not stand for it. We’re better than mindless sheep buying into everything Sledgehammer or Activision says. If we want cosmetic only supply drops, we need to demand it! We need to stand up to Activision’s greedy practices and tell them we aren’t gonna take it anymore. We love this franchise and we want it to thrive and grow. Not become a blood sucking money machine.

We all know they want to add weapons and other immersion breaking items to those supply drops after two months. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. We can’t let them. You want this game to succeed? Then teach Sledgehammer and Activision on how to properly respect it.

John Adams for Virginia

John Adams for Virginia

There are only 56 days left until the November 7th Election for our statewide candidates and Delegates. The future of who our Attorney General will be depends on the people. There couldn’t be a more important time to go out and vote. If you are looking for someone that is focused on being a fair lawyer for all people of Virginia, I strongly suggest you go out and vote for John Adams.  John isn’t a politician, he is an everyday Virginian and Navy veteran who believes in doing what’s right rather than what is politically expedient. He is someone who not only has the experience, but has found it to be his duty to protect the American people.

John has many plans to help keep Virginia families and help strengthen the Commonwealth. He wishes to end the heroin & opioid epidemic by getting down to the educational level, teaching kids the dangers of those type of drugs. He also plans on Establish the Attorney General’s Virginia Substance Abuse Coordination Center (VSAC) to engage all available resources for community efforts. To create strong and strategic laws that will help prevent criminal activity; such as human trafficking, drug trade, and other violent crimes. After a lifetime of service in the Navy, John knows what it means to serve and protect his country.

As Attorney General, John wishes to be a public figure with access to opportunities not readily available to every locality.  As part of the prevention program, he will implement the following additional components to help our communities access additional funding:

  • Dedicate staff for grant-writing
  • Act as central clearinghouse for substance abuse program funding and grant management
  • Partner with early-childhood education and prevention efforts
  • Provide guidance and expertise for community and legislative efforts
  • Support Public and Private Health efforts that make sense

As far as I’m concerned, John Adams has shown that he is far more than capable of being Virginia’s next Attorney General, and one we desperately needed. He’s patriotic, he’s not a politician, he’s had a lifetime of service, he’s been a fantastic lawyer, and he’s famous for being selfless. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, go visit his website and twitter and find out more.

Get out there and vote!!