Destiny 2 is Awesome, but …

Destiny 2 is Awesome, but …


First off, without a doubt, this game is far greater than it’s predecessor. While Destiny 1 had a lackluster campaign, Destiny 2 is rich with story and character development. There is a clear beginning, middle, and end this time around. The new villain, Ghaul, is very interesting. At first he seems rather cliché, but as you get to know him and learn about his past, he begins to show his true colors. It’s a very well put together story. The graphics look very updated, and the new planets have absolutely breath taking visuals and backgrounds. Almost all of the enemy factions have been updated. The Cabal, the Fallen, the Vex, and even the Hive have new looks and enemy types. Especially the Cabal with their new dog-like enemies that hunt down players like Bloodhounds.

The Taken has also returned, and while I’m not too happy about their return since … I wasn’t a huge fan of them in Destiny 1, I was at least happy they were able to explain (kind of) how they were still around. Rewards are admittedly rewarding. The RNG is still there, but you at least feel a lot better when getting rewards than you did in the first game. The gun arsenal has increased in size. There a several new gun types. You got submachine guns, Gatling guns, linear fusion rifles, and much more. The original guns even got new reskins. For example, the Hand Cannons got this new reskin that makes it look like a Colt revolver from the 1800s. It is badass, and of course, the new exotics are pretty damn nice.

Public Events and Patrol missions are hugely upgraded. You now know when Public Events happen with the new timer system in-game. Patrol missions while being similar to the previous game, they do give you better rewards towards leveling up for certain vendors on certain planets. The Directory, oh my god the Directory. Bungie did such a great job fixing this. The new Directory allows you to fast travel to different planets and locations without having to go to orbit. It’s much faster and a lot more convenient. All in all, the game is a massive upgrade to it’s previous title.

However … the game does have it’s fair share of issues, and I’ll be explaining them here.

The Framerate

This has been a problem since day one for me and many of my friends. At what seems like random intervals, the game’s framerate will begin to drop drastically. We’re talking anywhere from two to four frames per second. It gets really bad, and it seems to usually happen when a lot is happening in your game. Whether you’re doing a mission or adventure with a lot of enemies and a lot of explosions. This is an issue I only suffer from when I play high-end games on my PC, but this is the Xbox One we’re talking about. This shouldn’t be a problem on here, but it is. This needs to be fixed.

The New Shaders Suck

We cannot deny that the new Shaders are terrible. They’re a one-time use only, and you get them in small quantities from Bright Engram or vendors. On top of that, putting these shaders on weapons or armor costs Glimmer, and it gets more expensive as the rarity of the shader increases. This absolutely confuses me. Why would Bungie make shaders costly when in the first game they were free to use and weren’t one-time use? It just doesn’t seem like a good design choice, and it kind of feels like this decision was influenced by Activision. Which if that’s true, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Vendors No Longer Sell Legendary Gear

Since we haven’t seen all the vendors in the game yet, I can not fully confirm this complaint, but as for now, I think it sucks that vendors aren’t selling any legendary gear for players over level twenty. In Destiny 1 you were able to purchase legendary weapons and gear from certain vendors. Ikora, Zavala, and Cayde-6 would sell you legendary armor and ghosts, while the Vanguard would sell you guns. This (at least from what I’ve seen) has been removed from the game. You now have to rely on RNG to get you your legendary gear. Which I feel kind of sucks, in my opinion.

No New Character Customization

When I first started this game, the first thing I did was make a new character and discover the new Character Customization options they added, but none were to be found here, and it was a major disappointment to me. This was the perfect opportunity to add new features to the customization, but they completely missed out on it. Yes I know, this game isn’t about that, but they still should’ve added at least a few new options to the system.

Side Missions are Glitchy

This is more of a small gripe, but it’s happened quite a few times. Throughout the game I would run into moments where the adventure/quest I’m doing would usually freeze or cease to continue after the halfway point. This would cause me to be unable to progress and I’d have to restart the adventure/quest again. If they could maybe create a way for the glitch to fix itself or something, that’d be awesome.

The Verdict

The game for me is a solid 8/10. While having a few minor issues and some design choices I don’t particularly agree with, this game is a masterpiece when compared to Destiny 1. I love it’s story, it’s gameplay, and it’s new content. I’m seriously looking forward to the new stuff this game has in store for us in the near future.



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