RANT: PewDiePie Screwed Up, But …

RANT: PewDiePie Screwed Up, But …

Yes, PewDiePie said the N-word while on a livestream. Yes, he is the face of YouTube and should know better. Yes, what he said was wrong and there was no excuse for it. Yes, he should apologize for what he said. However, does he truly deserve the amount of hate he is receiving? Listen, before you begin hating on me, allow me to explain my thoughts on this issue. I do believe what PewDiePie said was inexcusable and that he should be aware of the repercussions of saying such things, but with Sean Vanaman threatening to DMCA takedown all his videos on Fire-Watch and everyone claiming him to be a racist, I feel like … it’s all completely false.

First, one thing people need to slow down and understand is CONTEXT! You can not claim someone to being racist just because they say the N-word. That is not a fair and constructive argument. Context is extremely important in this situation. Was this word used as an insult? Yes it was, and it was completely inappropriate, but I’m almost a hundred percent certain this wasn’t used in a racial tone. Merely just a dumb and stupid insult towards another player. Could he have said something better? Of course, and he should’ve!

Second, Sean Vanaman I feel got a little too personal with the whole thing. He said that he was planning on filing a DMCA takedown on all future videos PewDiePie will make on any Campo Santo games, and on top of that, he will be going to other game developers to try and create a united front against him. Now this is completely insane. If game developers are being given this kind of power to silence YouTube Gamers just because they said something they don’t like (Not referring to what PewDiePie said. I am speaking in general.) is making developers the new Thought Police of the Gaming Community. Which is not something we need right now. We already have Google.

I’m in no way defending what PewDiePie said. I do feel he should learn to properly filter himself when doing a video/livestream. He needs to learn people can and will react in a bad way to possibly offensive language. However, this kind of hate is completely over the top. I think we all need to relax and just give PewDiePie a good slap on the wrist. We need to let him know how important he is, and that everything he says or does will be seen and heard by everyone, and whatever he does or says will indeed be judged.

You’re walking on thin ice, Felix. Seriously, don’t do this again.


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