Top 5 Games I’m Excited For

Top 5 Games I’m Excited For


All these new games coming out, and I can’t get my mind off them. I just want these games so bad, and it sucks that I have to wait so long. However, I do know that the wait will all be worth it in the end. After a long year of meh games back in 2016, it’s awesome to see game developers take a better approach with their games to appease their audiences. There is so much happening in November of this year, and I simply can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Even 2018 is looking very bright for the gaming industry, and these are the top five games I’m excited for!

#5: Kingdom Hearts 3 (TBA 2018)

I became a huge fan of this franchise back when I twelve years old when my mom bought me Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for my birthday. Aside from the Halo Series, this series has been one of my favorites. The amazing and interesting characters, the parallels it has to Final Fantasy, the fun and unique combat mechanics, and even the difficult bosses you’re put up against. It’s an amazing ride, and after seeing the gameplay trailer for the game, it has me very excited to see what they have in store for us. Only time will tell.


#4: Sea of Thieves (Q2 2018)

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited for this game. Just the idea of playing with my friends as a band of pirates, sailing the open seas, raiding ports for their loot, and battling ships like true pirates. This is a dream game! When I saw the gameplay footage, I was so damn excited and I wanted the game so bad. I’m a huge fan of roleplaying games, and this game’s reveal suckered me right in. What’s got me even more interested, is that Rare Ware is making this game! Rare Ware! A company that was once dominated the gaming industry back in the 90s … and unfortunately fell apart when they were bought out by Microsoft. However, this game could be a good comeback for the company. Who knows.

Sea of Thieves Vertical Key Art

#3: Marvel’s The Avengers (TBA 2018)

I was a little cautious when I first saw the teaser trailer for this game, but I shivered in excitement when I saw Eidos Montreal was going to be involved in this project. They are one of my favorite game developers of all time, and this has me super excited on what they’ll be doing for this upcoming game. Aside from the Spider-Man games, there hasn’t been that many good Marvel games. Hopefully, this’ll be a good comeback for them.


#2: Farcry 5 (February 27, 2018)

I’ve loved the Farcry series since the third installment. It had an incredible story, fascinated characters, nice open world, and great gameplay. Farcry 4, while not as good as 3, still was able to keep me hooked until the end with it’s great story. Farcry Primal I never purchased because … well … I just didn’t feel like I would’ve gotten into it. However, when Farcry 5 was announced, I got very excited. The game looks great, the story sounds awesome, and it’s the first Farcry game to take place in America. One thing I’ve been waiting for the series to do! You got me sold Ubisoft!


#1: Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA (November 17, 2017)

Star Wars Battlefront has been a huge part of my childhood since the first title by Lucas Arts back in 2004. It one of my favorite third-person shooters of all time, and I still play it on PC to this day. I absolutely adore the game, and while I felt EA’s last Battlefront game was a flop, this one looks like it has a great chance to turn things around for the better. It has an impressive looking single player campaign, a massive multiplayer experience, space battles, a new character/hero system, republic vs separatists, and no season pass. These features and more have me more than sold on this upcoming game. Can not wait for this to come out.


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