RANT: Bungie is digging their own grave!

RANT: Bungie is digging their own grave!

Alright, Bungie, what the hell guys?? I was extremely excited for Destiny 2, and so were millions of others who absolutely hyped for the game, and you just keep blowing it. At every chance you get, you seem to always screw it up. Not only that, but when you do mess up, you take ZERO responsibility. You’ve become the boy who cried “Fake News!” on everyone who critics your game. However, at the end of the day Bungie, you need to grow up and face facts. Yes, your player base IS dropping from launch. Yes, your PC version of the game is failing with it’s bugs. Yes, your multiplayer is a bug ridden mess that has ruined many aspects such as Trials of the Nine.

I’m almost surprised, damn near shocked that this was the same company that brought us the masterpiece that was Halo! What happened?? Who’s now calling the shots now?? I miss the old Bungie! The company that took time with their product. The company that wanted the game perfected before release. The company that wanted balanced and fair multiplayer. The company that wanted a gripping story that would keep the player on the edge of their seat. That’s the Bungie I know and love. Look yourself in the mirror, look at what you’ve become.

A mindless, faceless corporation that has become just like all the others. Driven by greed and no longer caring about what the fans want. Quantity over Quality is the only thing you believe in now, and sadly I don’t think that’ll ever change. Once you’ve become greedy in the gaming industry, it is very hard to stop. We’ve seen this with EA, Activision, Square Enix, and now you. The one company everyone loved and adored as kids for being different from every other company, has now succumbed to the corporate greed of the gaming industry. As far as I’m concerned, Bungie was dead the moment they announced Destiny 1.

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