So DICE turned off loot boxes, but…

So DICE turned off loot boxes, but…

While this seems like a major victory for us, it feels like we’ve merely won the battle, not the war. As of last night, DICE has finally delivered to us the news we had all been waiting and begging for. They have turned off micro-transactions and loot boxes (for now), and have tied progression to gameplay versus the former loot box system. Again, this is some excited news without a doubt. However, we shouldn’t get too excited, because this recent message does come with some negatives.

One of the more important parts is this sentence here, “The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we’ve made changes to the game.” Now this could mean one of two things. Either they’ve decided to change the contents of loot boxes cosmetic only, they plan on keeping them in their and having them only be purchased through crystals and not credits, or both. Again, like many of their previous responses to these questions, it seems very vague as to what will happen when the crystals return.

This may be the start of a new hope, but I fear it won’t be long before the empire strikes back … I’ll be here all week. Jokes aside, I do feel this is a major victory for us, but sadly, this war is far from over. I want to believe this statement. I want to trust DICE and EA on this recent move, but like Palpatine once said,

Beings believe what you tell them. They never check, they never ask, they never think. Tell them the state is menaced by quadrillions of battle droids, and they will not count. Tell them you can save them, and they will never ask—from what, from whom? Just say tyranny, oppression, vague bogeymen that require no analysis. Never specify. Then they look the other way when reality is right in front of them. It’s a conjuring trick. The key is distraction, getting them to watch your other hand. Only single-minded beings don’t join in the shared illusion, and keep watching you too closely. Single-minded beings are dangerous. And they either work for me, or they don’t work at all.

I guess all we can do now is hope. Hope and pray that this will be the beginning of a better, brighter future.


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