RANT: Destiny 2 is an Abusive Relationship

RANT: Destiny 2 is an Abusive Relationship

Every time I log on to this game, I just keep thinking the same endless thought to myself, how was this disappointment developed by Bungie? One of the greatest game developers of all time, the creators of the Halo Series. The company who was famous for taking pride in their work. The company that cared about their games, and were willing to start over on the design if they made a mistake. The company that wanted everyone to enjoy their games, and not just hardcore gamers. The company that cared about the story of the games they’ve made. However, I need to accept the fact … the mighty have fallen.

The old Bungie is gone, and have been gone for awhile. Since Destiny’s inception back in 2014, the original team that brought us Halo had been dwindling, and by the time Destiny 2 was announced, they were gone. Some fired. Some just up and left. They’ve all been replaced with soulless corporate suits. Individuals who see their consumers not as people, but as dollar signs. Coming to grips with this reality makes me so sad. When I was a little kid, and I picked my first Halo game (Halo 2), I fell in love and became so inspired creatively by it. This company gave me inspiration for wanting to make and design my own game. Of which I am in the process of doing.

They were an inspiration to me as a kid, and now their company has changed for the worse. It kills me to see this monolith of company who started small, grew big, and eventually grew too big to the point where bigger companies wanted to get their hands on them. When they broke off from Microsoft, I became hopeful. I thought this was the time for them be a free company and branch out to other consoles, but I could have never foreseen this disappointing future. They’ve become a company that spouts out lies and deception in order to make excuses for why they keep making mistakes. This has been nothing more than abusive relationship.

They keep telling us that things are going to get better, and that everything will be okay and they just need more time, but we both know that isn’t the truth. They can talk all day about how things will get better, but when there’s no weight to any of their promises, we can only assume the worst. Until we start seeing actual significant improvements to this game that are impactful, then I don’t see any hope. I will say this, if the next DLC that comes out isn’t better (or worse) than Curse of Osiris, I will remove Destiny 2 from my Xbox Library and never play it again. I’ll be cautiously optimistic and hold on to the very little bit of hope this game has, but if they fail a second time, that’ll be it for me.

PS: I deeply apologize for my disappearance for the past couple weeks. A lot has been going on at home, and I’ve sort of been lacking creativity lately with my site. I want to get better though. I really want to see this site thrive and improve, and I hope to do that sometime early 2018. There will more updates as the days go on. Stay tuned.

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