The Disaster Artist of Gaming

The Disaster Artist of Gaming


The New Year Steam Sales are nearing a close, and I decided to do some browsing. Like every Steam Sale, there’s a lot of great deals on many games. However, one game really caught my eye, one game that I’ve heard about for awhile now, one game that has had a rather … interesting track record, and that game is Rogue Warrior. I found it on Steam on sale for $1.24. With it being that cheap (and my curiosity growing) I couldn’t resist the urge grab myself a copy. After playing it for awhile, all I have to say is … it’s an interesting little thing. It is no masterpiece by any means, but there’s some bizarre charm to it.

That’s why I dubbed this The Disaster Artist (or The Room) of Gaming. It’s that kind of game that’s so bad that it’s strangely good in a way. It’s such a poorly designed and flawed game, that it’s actually so great. I’m well aware that I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but after playing his fascinating game, there’s no way I couldn’t talk about it in it’s entirety.

Mickey Rourke MADE This Game

In this game, you play as the badass Richard Marcinko. This guy … is the absolute best thing in this entire game. Not because of his character development (of which there is none), but his voice acting. Oh … my god, this guy’s voice acting is the thing of legend. It’s so bad that’s it’s an absolute masterpiece. So much cursing, so much swearing, so much profanity … and performed so beautifully. It almost sounds like they caught Mickey Rourke while he was drunk and angry one night, and they used sound bites from his night of endless drunken rage. I’m not sure exactly what the writing was for the game, but I think Mickey had 99.9% involvement in the writing of this game.

The Animations Were Hilariously Bad

As expected in these types of games, the animation budget was not high. So many glitchy movements both from you and the enemy AI. The assassination animations are really where these flaws show. Jerky animations when you run, walk, or crouch behind cover in the middle of a firefight. Don’t even get me started on the running animation. The head bobbing is horrible.

The Controls Are … Different

Space to aim down the sights of your gun … that’s a thing apparently. I understand that I can go in and change these to suit my type of gameplay, but they developers made some rather interesting choices. C to switch weapons. RMB to throw grenade, and that’s something I learned the hard way. This could be just me being nit picky, but honestly, a game this bad deserves it.

The Story is Similar to a 90’s Action Film

Yes, that bad. You’re basically sent in on a recon op to recover information from an undercover informant in North Korea. Apparently he has info regarding a plot that North Korea is developing nuclear warheads to eventually strike the USA. After your team is killed in … the dumbest way possible, not only do you go rogue, but you decide to finish the mission and destroy the warheads before they launch. So yeah, basic cliché 90’s action garbage. Right down to the over the top acting and cheesy one liners. This game has it all.

Final Verdict

The game is absolutely terrible in every sense of the word. It has no artistic value and no creativity to it. It shocks me to my core how a company like Bethesda green lit this abomination of gaming. It’s one of the worst games I’ve ever played … but I urge you to please go out and buy it. It is definitely something you’ve got to see to believe. Like I said earlier, it’s one of those games that’s so bad it’s good. Also, why not? It’s on sale now until Thursday for only $1.24, and even it’s base price is only $4.99. If you hate it, just refund it. No harm no foul. I consider it a guilty pleasure of mine, and who knows, you just might feel the same way.

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