RANT: Bungie thinks making more content for Destiny 2 is “too hard” …

RANT: Bungie thinks making more content for Destiny 2 is “too hard” …

Yes, you heard that correct. The main reason Bungie focuses more on the Eververse and less on the content for the game … is because making the content is just too hard. What the actual fuck? This bullshit excuse comes from Bungie. BUNGIE! The company who would NEVER make dumbass excuses for their mistakes. The company who wouldn’t release their game if they didn’t feel it was fun. The company that wouldn’t allow a deadline to intimidate them. The company who created one of the greatest gaming franchises in history, and this is their fucking excuse.

This was their response to why D2 was in it’s current state:

I think that it (Destiny 2) was made in a relatively short period of time. There was a big reboot of Destiny 2 at some point of early 2016. There had been a previous director who was directing the game before Luke Smith (who’s the current director) took over. So that guy was kind of put aside and Luke Smith took over. I believe that was in April of 2016 but I might be misremembering. Don’t hold me to that exact line. So if you think about it that way then they didn’t really have a ton of time. It had been a 16 months period between the reboot and when the game finally shipped.

And this was their “excuse” to why their main focus is Eververse:

What Bungie decided was we can’t do this any more this is too hard for us to do (referring to releasing a DLC every few months) the tools that we’re working with are really hard to deal with. It’s hard for us to make this much content. It’s just hard to make content in general. And they said we’re going to do a smaller or drip feed of smaller stuff and we’re going to put up the Eververse and make money that way, and Activision said okay. it was a part of their renegotiated deal and they got to a point where they didn’t have to be cranking up so much content.

WOW!! Just … wow, Bungie! The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That couldn’t be more true in this case. Bungie, you made a commitment to your fan base that you would be dedicated to this game for an entire decade. You made a promise, and much like people who make excuses to not exercise, they say it’s too hard. If it’s too hard Bungie, why the hell did you make Destiny? If you feel like you aren’t cut out for it, why don’t you give the license to a company that actually gives a shit. You built a universe that so many people wanted to see grow and thrive, but now you think it’s too hard to make content for your games.

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