RANT: How did this disaster get so popular???

RANT: How did this disaster get so popular???

I’ve been observing this game from a far for a few months now, and I’ve been just sitting here wondering to myself, how the hell did this game get so popular? After everything that has happened. After all that has gone down, how and why did this game grow in popularity so fast? This game was an Early Access title when it was being given reviews by actual critics! It was an unfinished product when it was being given Game of the Year awards! It was (and still is) a glitchy and buggy mess when Microsoft was actively promoting this during E3 2017! How did this game get so many chances?

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand (to an extent) how a game like this got so popular so quick. It was a new style of gaming that had been a mod for Arma 2 & 3. It grew in popularity basically over night. To the point where popular YouTubers began playing it and Streamers began streaming it. It was ranked number one on Twitch at one point, and … it’s ranked three now on the Top Games list. Wow. However, the recent controversy this game has gotten itself into, and the recent backlash it has received, kind of makes me wonder just how a game like this got away with so much.

When you look at the game from a critical point-of-view, you’ll agree almost immediately that the game is … average on PC and terrible on consoles. The game runs fine (until you get somebody with bad ping) on PC of course, but when put on consoles, it somehow is absolutely horrendous. Even on the Xbox One X, a console that is considered to be the greatest and most high-end console in history, and PUBG can’t perform well on it. The servers are suffering tremendously from players in China with incredibly bad ping and players hacking the game.

As the player-base continues discussing the game’s many issues, the developer (Player Unknown) responded to it in … quite possibly the most anti-consumer way possible. He responds to it all claiming that “he is tired of all the xenophobia in his community”. Yes, because the game is suffering from bad ping from Chinese players and because the game doesn’t have dedicated servers, it means that we’re discriminatory towards the people of China. That makes total sense. You know, there is a professional way of dealing with these complaints. Maybe tell your player-base what is TRULY going on. Maybe give them a real excuse for why your “servers” aren’t any better. Maybe instead of talking about it and complaining about how “xenophobic” your community is … actually … fucking … do something!

Just a thought.

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