EqualOpportunityGamer Plays!

EqualOpportunityGamer Plays!


Yes, that is correct. Very soon, I plan to be starting my own streaming channel where I will be playing a random assortment of video games. Anything from first-person shooters to survival horrors to even roleplaying games. Also, if there are any titles you wish for me to play, I will be happy to play them. Just send me some requests. While I’m happy to announce such an update, it’s still a work in progress. There are still a few things I need to get sorted before I begin streaming.

Right now, I’ve decided to start out with Mixer. It’s a new streaming service that Microsoft recently added to Xbox Live. It works a bit like Twitch, but a little better in a few ways. Mostly because I think it’s fairly easy to grasp and comprehend for newbies such as myself. I will keep you more up to date on how things go, but don’t expect to hear about it for awhile. I will continue updating the site to keep giving you guys information regarding current events in gaming and politics.

Stay tuned!

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