Month: February 2018

Nightdive Studios is in Trouble

Nightdive Studios is in Trouble


I learned about System Shock after watching SomeOrdinaryGamers play the second game on YouTube. I got curious and decided to purchase System Shock 2 on Steam. It was $10 so I thought why not, and I’m so glad I bought it. It instantly had me hooked when I awoke from cryo-sleep. The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but the bad graphics are what make this game more terrifying. It adds to the creep factor. This survival horror game helped inspire games like Bioshock, Prey, and even Deus Ex.

It has a good mix of RPG elements and horror. You’ve got skills to level up, weapons to maintain, chemicals you can study, tech you can hack, enemies you can learn about, lore you can listen to, and secret loot caches you can find. This game literally has it all, and it’s amazing what this game has to offer for being made in 1999. It was one of the greatest survival horror games of the old generation. It was right up there with Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and when news broke out about Nightdive Studios wanting to remake the first System Shock of the next generation, the internet freaked out.

Everything was going smoothly. The game had a successful Kickstarter (making over $1.3 Million), they released a pre-alpha demo of the game’s first mission which was also praised by critics and gamers, and there was a sense of trust between the developers and the gamers. However, something changed. Something that sent this Kickstarter on a collision course for disaster.

What happened?

During the development of the game, Nightdive had apparently switched the game’s engine from Unity to Unreal. This decision was believed to be the beginning of the end of this game’s development. After the switch, the game no longer had it’s classic gritty, horror atmosphere from the pre-alpha demo. The graphics were sharp and realistic, but that’s not what System Shock fans wanted. They wanted good graphics, but they wanted the atmosphere to stay true to the original. That clearly wasn’t happening, and it didn’t help when the developers weren’t really listening to the backers.

Things went from bad to worse, when the developers made clear that there would be gameplay changes that would meet the standards of gamers in today’s generation. Its more news fans didn’t want to hear, and by this point, red flags quickly began popping up left and right. All the developers were showing was concept art and screenshots, but nothing on the progress of the game’s development. Which is all the backers wanted to see, and yet their requests were left unanswered.

Finally, on February 16th, their worst fears had been realized. The developers made an update on their Kickstarter page stating that they would be taking a hiatus on the project. It was the worst news possible to hear, and now all we know is that the game is supposedly coming out this year. No month or day, just 2018. We haven’t heard anything from them since. Three backers of the campaign had spent $10,000 on this project, and had hope that this project would go great. I can only imagine just how horrible these backers feel.

Is there hope?

Yes, kind of. Do I feel like this Kickstarter campaign is worse than Mighty No. 9’s campaign? No, but it’s pretty damn close to being that bad. We’re talking about a classic survival horror game that’s cherished by many gamers, and to see it being remade in this state is just sad. Does Nightdive have a chance to recover from this? Yes, and here’s why. They did the right thing and stopped development so they could regroup, reorganize, and come back when they were ready. They admitted that they were moving away from their original plan. They took responsibility for their mistakes, and agreed that releasing the game now would be worse than delaying it until it was ready. This is something the developers of Mighty No. 9 would’ve never done.

These developers made mistakes, and thankfully, their taking full responsibility for their errors. They’re taking a break and they’ll be releasing the game when it’s ready. I continue to hope this game will succeed, but I remain cautiously optimistic. All we can do is wait and see. Please don’t screw this up, Nightdive.

Rumor: EA Might Lose Star Wars…

Rumor: EA Might Lose Star Wars…


Well, if these rumors are found to be true, it certainly will not surprise me. According to several sources, Disney is allegedly meeting with other gaming companies like Ubisoft and Activision to give the Star Wars license to. Basically, they believe that EA will soon be losing the rights to Star Wars. This would force EA to cancel all work on any Star Wars projects they’re currently working on, and they won’t be able to make those games ever again. Which would be a pretty hard hit to EA. Not really significant, but it would most likely leave EA shaking.

Now, since these are just rumors, part of me believes it, and part of me doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I want this to happen. Electronic Arts has proven time and time again that they are incapable of being responsible with their licenses. Star Wars got a lot of backlash last year both on the game and the film. They were both equally decent in certain aspects, but they were both equally bad in others. Episode VIII wasn’t the greatest Star Wars film to date, and Battlefront 2 EA certainly didn’t help. Last year wasn’t a good year for Star Wars, and if I was Disney, I would demand that EA keeps micro-transactions out of the game to avoid any further controversy. If they refused, then I would inform them that effective immediately, they would no longer be able to produce anymore Star Wars content.

However, this is the real world. As much as I desperately want this to happen, another part of me doubts it will. Disney is a multi-billion dollar company with a market cap of $160 Billion. They make so much money that they mostly likely are allowing EA ownership of the license just because they get so much revenue through their infamous micro-transactions. Both Fifa and Madden are some of their best selling titles. Especially when it comes to their in-game purchases. So it would really surprise me if Disney told them no more Star Wars.

Let me explain my thoughts in detail.

If EA Lost Star Wars…

It would be a hard blow to EA, and would probably force the company to change their entire “Live Service” Plan. After all, their “Live Service” was the reason why Disney had to step in and demand them to temporarily disable their in-game purchases. This would also allow Disney to recover a bit of the backlash from last year. While it may piss off those who are currently dedicated to Battlefront 2 EA, it would allow other more skilled companies make a Star Wars title.

One of the many dreams of gamers is to see a Star Wars game made by Bethesda. Just the thought of it feels like the perfect game. Bethesda is one of the many gaming companies out there that respects and honors single player games. With Wolfenstein II and Evil Within 2 being successful titles last year, Bethesda would easily be a worthy candidate for the Star Wars license. There’s even CD Projekt Red. While they’ve had their little bit of controversy in previous titles, it’s nothing in comparison to the kind of hot water EA is currently in.

When it comes to their titles, not only are they absolutely breath taking, but they also having great gameplay mechanics. Good RPG elements, great combat, great stories, and again, breath taking visuals. The Witcher III being the most popular of their games. They’d be another great choice for the Star Wars license. The only issue with CD Projekt Red, is that they usual cut it real close when developing their titles. Witcher III for example was so very close to failing, and just barely missed flopping at release. That’s about the only thing that you’d need to worry about.

If EA Kept Star Wars…

While it wouldn’t surprise me if EA lost the rights to Star Wars, it also wouldn’t surprise me if EA kept the rights. They are literally a money printer. As I’ve already said previously, both Fifa and Madden have made millions of dollars off of their in-game purchases. They made $1.3 Million in 2015 from these titles. They’ve also been gaining $650 Million annually from their mobile titles. If Disney only cares about revenue (and they do), they’ll obviously chose the company that’ll make them more money.

Companies care more about the money they make, and less about how their consumers feel about their products. Its the one thing both Disney and EA have in common. Pry the main reason why their allegedly looking at Activision and Ubisoft for other companies to make Star Wars games. While not as bad as EA, they are pretty infamous for their in-game purchases. Activision with their Supply Drops, and Ubisoft with their infamous Season Passes. Better companies, but not really consumer friendly.

Could EA lose Star Wars? If Disney does the right thing, then yes, but it would certainly surprise me if they did. However, I partially don’t believe it’ll happen. EA makes so much money off of in-game purchases both from their mobile and AAA titles. When it comes down to it, Disney will chose the company that’ll make them more money.


All we can now do is wait and see. As far as I’m concerned, neither EA nor Disney has made any remarks on the recent rumors. So for now, nothing can be confirmed nor denied. Take what these sources say with a grain of salt. If it happens, it happens. Will I feel bad? Not really. The only people I’ll feel bad for are the gamers who bought this game and had faith in it’s future. EA fucked up, and they need to own up to it. They owe it to the people who spent $60 of their own money getting the game. No more bullshit. No more lies. No more excuses.

Be transparent, developers!

RANT: About Gun Control

RANT: About Gun Control

Yesterday afternoon, Nikolas Cruz armed with an AR-15 came into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, and started to open fire. The shooting appeared to happen for over an hour before Cruz eventually fled the scene. From the articles I’ve read so far, Cruz had killed 17 people and injured 14. This is now confirmed to be one of the deadliest school shootings in US History. Since the Columbine Shooting from 1999, there as been 25 different school shootings across the United States. The debate has continued for each and every single one, Gun Control.

Let me make this very clear to people who believe in Gun Control; the law does NOT apply to criminals. It doesn’t matter what legislation you pass. It doesn’t matter what laws you enforce. It doesn’t matter what counter measures you take. Criminals who don’t abide to the laws will ALWAYS find another. Whether it’d be through the Dark Net, Gangs, the Black Market, or (if they’re young) guns they got from their parent’s closet, Criminals will always find another way to get them. It’s just fact.

The Democratic Party never seems to hesitate on demanding Gun Control when these events occur. It’s almost on impulse at this point. Rather than try and figure out a way for schools to defend themselves from events like these, they instead do whatever they can to continue promoting their Gun Control agenda. When in reality, that shouldn’t be the discussion at all. This shooting would have never happened had the teachers been armed to defend themselves. Or if it did happen, there would’ve been a lot less causalities.

Gun Control isn’t going to fix anything anytime soon. What America needs is better security. If schools are being threatened this much, then allow law abiding teachers to have their conceal-carry handguns on them. Allow teachers to defend themselves and their students. Teach kids how to defend themselves from people like Cruz. These shootings have nothing to do with the guns used in the attack. It’s the shooter themselves. The gun can’t do anything on it’s own. Somebody has to pick it up and use it for it be classified as dangerous.

Gun control won’t end Gun Violence. Security of our schools and our community however, will help prevent it.

Why is it that from the 40s up through the late 80s, guns were allowed either on school grounds or in the class room? Why is it that my father went to school in DC where they had a Rifle Team in the 80s? Why is it that my father’s father was able to do target practice on school grounds? Because the old generation of kids wasn’t taught to run and hide, but to stand and fight. To protect themselves and others against dangerous people like Cruz. That’s something we need to do. Teach people how to protect themselves from bad people.


RANT: The Small Problem with Siege…

RANT: The Small Problem with Siege…

Alright, I can’t be the only one that get’s pissed off when this happens. Troll players who take advantage of the game’s Friendly Fire mechanic. This mechanic, in my opinion, completely ruins everything great about this game. All it takes is two people who are working together to end the game with a failure by either killing the hostage or murdering the whole team. Friendly Fire is a redundant system. I understand the developers wish to make a realistic environment for their first person shooter, but when you have little to no punishment for troll players, then it just becomes annoying and ruins the game.

I run into the same garbage players almost every other week, and it kills the whole point of a tactical shooter where you have to rely on your teammates. I understand there was a “fix” for this game back in 2016 regarding the Friendly Fire issue, but I’m seeing no significant differences. Vote kicking is completely unreliable when your dealing with more than one troll, kicked from the game in Casual isn’t good enough, and the punishment tiers for ranked don’t really help either.

There are games that play and work fine without Friendly Fire. Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch namely. Those games would be horrible if Friendly Fire was an implemented mechanic. When you make a game that is based around working as a team to achieve your goal, Friendly Fire should not be an option. Period. It ruins the whole point of it, and becomes a problem when trolls begin exploiting it. Seriously, Ubisoft, please fix this somehow. Alter it, change it’s settings, or remove it entirely.

Do something.