UPDATE: Two Guys, One Apollyon

UPDATE: Two Guys, One Apollyon

Just wanted to let you guys that Tuesday I will be doing a live stream with my friend on Mixer, and we’ll be attempting to fight Apollyon on Realistic. Might sound a little boring, but the thing is, I’m a complete and total noob with the game. I’ve played through the entirety of the campaign on Realistic with my friend, but we haven’t been able to beat Apollyon yet. We thought a funny live stream would be us just trying to defeat Apollyon and hearing my hilarious rages and reactions during the fight. Not gonna lie, this game can and will make me rage at times, but I’ll try and keep my cool. No promises.

Anyway, if any of you are at all interested in wanting to see two guys fight Apollyon for shits and giggles, tune into mixer.com/e_o_gamer and enjoy the stream. If by some insane chance we defeat Apollyon rather quick, we’ll probably switch over to Halo 5 and play some of the game’s multiplayer for awhile before we end the stream. Go ahead and tell your friends or anyone you to tune in on Tuesday at 7PM EST.

Stay tuned!

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