Month: February 2018

Livestreams Moving Forward

Livestreams Moving Forward

This is a little update on livestreams and how they will continue on this site. Starting from here on out, I will be doing livestreams every Tuesday and Thursday during the late evening. Usually they will be happening around 7PM EST or later. This will just depend on what’s happening at the time. Regardless, I’ll do what I can to keep you all in the loop. Even though we were entertaining an audience of six people, I still enjoyed at least making those six people smile. Even a little bit.

Now for my recordings. Since the livestreams I do only stay on my account for two weeks before being deleted, I’ve decided to move the streams over to my YouTube account, The EqualOpportunityGamer. You can find the link to my account on my blog’s main page just underneath the title. This is so people who haven’t seen the streams and want to get caught up can easily go view them. Also, you’re going to want to see how lucky we got with fighting Apollyon in For Honor. We got REAL lucky.

I want to thank you guys again for all your support. I appreciate all your help, no matter how big or small. Whether you’ve read my work or followed my page, you’ve helped me out in some way, and I couldn’t thank you enough. Because of all of you, you’ve inspired me to expand my creativity, and it’s al thanks to you. For Thursday, I plan on uploading a video regarding a little talk on Microsoft, Bungie, and EA. Just wanting to make conversation with you guys while I play some random games for a bit.

Looking forward to it. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Two Guys, One Apollyon

UPDATE: Two Guys, One Apollyon

Just wanted to let you guys that Tuesday I will be doing a live stream with my friend on Mixer, and we’ll be attempting to fight Apollyon on Realistic. Might sound a little boring, but the thing is, I’m a complete and total noob with the game. I’ve played through the entirety of the campaign on Realistic with my friend, but we haven’t been able to beat Apollyon yet. We thought a funny live stream would be us just trying to defeat Apollyon and hearing my hilarious rages and reactions during the fight. Not gonna lie, this game can and will make me rage at times, but I’ll try and keep my cool. No promises.

Anyway, if any of you are at all interested in wanting to see two guys fight Apollyon for shits and giggles, tune into and enjoy the stream. If by some insane chance we defeat Apollyon rather quick, we’ll probably switch over to Halo 5 and play some of the game’s multiplayer for awhile before we end the stream. Go ahead and tell your friends or anyone you to tune in on Tuesday at 7PM EST.

Stay tuned!

RANT: Micro-Transactions are Coming Back to Battlefront II . . .

RANT: Micro-Transactions are Coming Back to Battlefront II . . .

Honestly, none of us should be surprised by this outcome. Yes, the dreaded day has come, loot boxes will be returning to Battlefront 2. According to EA, the game had missed the mark on the game’s sales. Selling only around 7 million units out of the predicted 14 million they were hoping for. Which in the gaming industry, is incredibly low. Using this as an excuse, EA is now saying their micro-transactions system will be returning to the game in the coming months. This news, of course, made EA’s investors and share holders very excited, and their stock prices have recently soared.

Now the main question on every gamer’s mind is this, how will this new micro-transaction system be implemented? Knowing Electronic Arts (and seeing how they haven’t learned from their lesson at all) they will probably try and make them the same way they did before. At least until after the controversy surrounding them has died down. Knowing Wilson and Jorgensen, that would be their plan. I understand gamers wouldn’t really care about cosmetic-only loot boxes, but as I’m starting to hear more gamers beg for cosmetics in the game, it won’t surprise me if those new loot boxes start selling like hot cakes.

Here is what EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, said about the recent update:

“We wanted a game that would meet the needs of the vast and passionate Star Wars fan base, so we designed it with the intent of keeping the community together, and a commitment to continually add content long after launch.”

Yeah, funny stuff. That’s why Jorgensen had to explain to people that there would be no cosmetics in the game, huh? Or why you initially tried to make the game Pay-to-Win? Or how about when Disney forced your hand into temporarily removing those micro-transactions from the game? Stop talking about the community like you care about them, because everyone knows you don’t. When you leave a bad impression on your community, they usually never forget something like that.

We wanted Battlefront 2 to be able to rival the old Battlefront 2. We wanted the game to be just as good (if not better) than the original title. We had been hoping and praying that the game would get it right this time. Battlefront 2 was literally supposed to be an apology for Battlefront 1, and you even fucked that up. Now Battlefront 3 (if it’ll even be considered possible at this point) is going to have to be an apology for both of those games, but we all know it won’t be.

You are a company run by greed. You’ll never change.