I’m Back!

I’m Back!

That’s right everybody, I’m back. It’s been awhile, and for that, I deeply apologize for my absence. Had to spend some time focusing on getting myself financially stable before I could consider continuing my blog and my streaming. Now that it’s all taken care of, and my issues are all settled, I think the best way to kick things off is with a fun little montage of HITMAN (2016). This fun, underrated gem will be a great way for me to make a grand return to streaming.

While the new schedule is still in development, I hope this will keep guys busy for awhile as I slowly get back into the rhythm of things. I’ll also soon be posting weekly Let’s Play content to my YouTube channel. It’s a work in progress for the moment, but I will have an update on the matter later in the week. As for the stream, it will be tonight at 9PM EST on my Mixer account. I’ll be making a blog post for tomorrow to celebrate my return. It will be uploaded around 12PM usual time.

See you guys tonight! It’s good to be back!

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