Month: February 2019

RANT: Three Strikes, and You’re Out!

I don’t even know where to begin on this one. At this point, I am truly dumbfounded. After all of the controversy sparked by C&C Rivals and Diablo Immortal, Creative Assembly actually thought that announcing a mobile sequel to Alien Isolation was a good idea? Companies, when are you people going to realize that nobody wants your crappy, chinese developed garbage. This just makes you look desperate for money. That’s all this looks like. No heart went into this mobile game. No, all you did was sign a deal with a random chinese company known for making crappy, money printing mobile games, and crammed out a low quality game just to make a quick buck on microtransactions. It’s pathetic.

Companies seriously need to quit getting themselves involved in what I like to call, “The China Hustle”. Which by the way, is the name of an actual documentary of people who made deals with China, and expected to bank big on these investments with them. Only to later realize, they were cheated. China has caused so much pandemonium within our economy, and has left such a negative impact on our finances. When companies make deals like these, it’ll be beneficial in the short run, but everything will begin to collapse in the long run.