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Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA is Great, but …

Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA is Great, but …

QUICK UPDATE: I apologize for the lack of uploads recently. A lot of things have been happening in my personal life, and I’ve had a difficult time balancing my work related stuff and stuff with my blog. I hope to fix this issue and try harder on keeping my blog updated and continue giving you people content. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA

Without a doubt, I’m freaking excited for this game. I really am, but I’m also terrified at the same time. So I played the Open Beta last week and I got really pumped for the game at first. I absolutely loved the environments and visuals. The sounds and music are incredible. The new game modes and mechanics are fun. The game as a whole is truly an upgrade from last year’s game. Which was a disappointment from EA. This game has me very excited, so you might be wondering why it has me so worried. Well, to be honest, it’s a mix of things.

NOTE: The following is based on the Beta that I had played, and there’s a good chance a lot of what I’m complaining about will most likely change on release date. My current thoughts are only based on what I saw in the Beta.

The Loot Box System

So in Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA, their is this new loot box system that had been added to the game. This being a replacement for the Season Pass from the previous game. At first glance, I felt like I could live with this. It’s a small price to pay to be able to enjoy the rest of the game for free. That is, until I became aware of the contents of the loot boxes, and I began to realize these loot boxes … were paid to win. The contents of the loot boxes consist of stances, skill cards, hero/villain skins, and crafting parts.

The stances are for your character when you come up on the MVP list at the end of each game. The skill cards are little boosts that’ll be given to a certain character and you can make them stronger using crafting parts. Hero/Villain skins are, obviously, skins for your hero or villain that are made to be lore friendly. Finally, crafting parts are (as I’ve said previously) used for upgrading skill cards and also for giving certain weapons extra attachments.

The skill cards you earn from these loot boxes are indeed game changing. They give certain characters buffs that make them fight and defend better in games. Some are fair, but some in my opinion are over powered. Some of these over powered cards can (most of the time) only be earned through loot boxes. Now if you think you can just use crafting parts to upgrade the cards instead. You can, but the game makes that somewhat challenging for you. Almost on purpose.

The highest amount of crafting materials I’ve received from loot boxes is twenty. I know I sometimes have little to no luck from loot boxes in games, so I didn’t think anything of it at first. Until I started getting twenty on almost every drop, and when you look at the amount of crafting parts you need to upgrade these cards, you know that twenty parts won’t do you any good. With crafting parts being scarce, I’d have to spend several hours grinding matches and completing challenges in order to get enough credits to purchase more drops without spending real money. This just so I could get enough crafting parts, and that’s IF I get any.

I’m okay trading the Season Pass for loot boxes, but only if it’s fair.

In-Game Credits

As I played throughout game, I started noticing something odd. It appeared that no matter how well I did by the end of a match, I’d only get under two hundred credits and nothing more. Which I thought was really strange. Then I began seeing YouTuber’s online suffering from the same issue, and that really irritates me. If you do good in match, and you do better than your other team mates, you should receive some kind of bonus at the end of a match.

This is could very well be because the game is in Beta, and I hope it is.

The Official Hero/Villain List

This is not an issue … technically. This is more of a disappointment, and I might begin ranting about this because of one reason I’ll get to later. So, for a long while, a supposed leaker released the list of heroes and villains that would be in the new Battlefront. Since it’s release, everyone thought this was the official list. General Grievous, Mace Windu, Obi-wan Kenobi, and more were all going to be in it. However, that all changed when DICE released the official list, and it was not what we were hoping.

Not only were the following characters not on the list, but one character was brought back from the last game. A character that completely confuses me to this day, and that character … is Bossk. WHO THE HELL WANTED BOSSK!?!? What brain dead, hardcore Star Wars Nut wanted freaking BOSSK in the game!?!? Bossk literally played zero part in the entire Star Wars Canon (aside from one part in Clone Wars)! He’s done nothing and had been nothing in the original trilogy. He was in one scene in Episode V, said nothing, and was never heard from again. Not even the freaking prequels mentioned his name or race (except for in Clone Wars, but you know what I mean!!)! Seriously, what tiny group of strange individuals wanted Bossk!?!

Bossk could’ve easily been replaced with General Grievous or Count Dooku!! Who the hell wanted him??? Go away, Bossk! Nobody likes you! … I’m sorry. Let’s uh … let’s move on.

No Galactic Conquest?

Again, not an issue, but mostly a small gripe of mine. Why is there still no Galactic Conquest? If any of you remember from the original game, Galactic Conquest was this epic battle between players and AI and you’re … well … fighting for total control of the galaxy. You could play CIS vs Republic or Rebel vs Empire. You gather resources, manage your army, and fight epic battles on planets and in space. It was this huge game you could play with yourself or with a friend, and it was amazing. So why is it not here??

This could’ve easily been an awesome replacement for your … um … arcade mode? Really? That’s what you called it? Come on, DICE. You’re better than this.

In Conclusion

All in all, I am excited for this game, but due to my fears, I will not be pre-ordering it. I’m just going to wait for the game to come out instead. See it before I buy it. I hope I’m wrong about most of my complaints and that the game turns out great. We can only hope.

RANT: The Left’s Response to Las Vegas

RANT: The Left’s Response to Las Vegas

On October 1st, a lone gunman had entered a concert in Las Vegas with a fully automatic assault rifle and had killed over fifty people and injured over five hundred. Before the police were able to break inside of the hotel room he returned to, the gunman committed suicide, and that was the end of the shooting. However, it was still an extremely long night for the police, ambulance, fire fighters, and civilians affected by this attack. In this incredibly dark hour, Trump made a fantastic and powerful speech in response to this attack. Expressing deep sympathies to the people who lost their lives in this gruesome event. He also gave his gratitude to the thousands of ordinary people who came to help and give their support to the victims.

It was an incredibly emotional and tragic night. One that’ll never be forgotten. However, while Trump was trying to unite the country, several Democrats decided to make a political statement out of it. Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, and Hayley Lattman are the main three I’ll be talking about today. We’re gonna start with Hillary, a woman who can’t go five seconds without saying “gun control”. She’s an individual who despises the NRA and all they are, and wishes to blame them for nearly every single mass shooting that occurs in this country. The image you see above me is the exact tweet she gave out right after the shooting took place. This of course isn’t the first time Hillary has politicized an event like this, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Next is Jimmy Kimmel, a likeable guy for some, but an idiot for others. The late-night television host opened up his program on Monday with his response towards the attack saying, “Republicans should pray to God for him to forgive them.”, and he isn’t the only one saying this shit. Nearly every single late-night talk show host has turned this entire tragedy into a complete attack on the Republican Party and Donald Trump. This doesn’t make the Democratic Party look like they care, it makes them look like a bunch selfish politicians who have a complete disregard for human life. Disgusting.

Finally we have the “lovely” Haley Lattman, a despicable human being who cares more about insulting and berating the Republicans than having any bit of sympathy for the loss of human life. Being the intelligent CBS Vice President she is, she felt the need to share her opinion on the attack, and let’s just say, it didn’t go well. After posting this message on Facebook, it didn’t take long before CBS swiftly fired her from the company for good. How unfortunate.


Now let me tell you something, Democrats. You’re whole idea of gun control not only goes against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but it will never work. Look back at the Prohibition Era. We had placed a ban on all alcoholic drinks in a response to the alcoholic abuse that had swept the nation at the time, and what happened after that? Gang members and mafia groups got their hands on them and started illegally selling them on the black market. It wasn’t long before congress passed the 21st Amendment to repeal the 18th Amendment. They did this because in the end, it didn’t matter. You take away a man’s guns, he’ll pick up his tools. You take away his tools, he’ll pick up his forks. You take away his forks, he’ll pick up his rocks. It doesn’t matter.

The only thing we can do is enforce the laws we have now, because frankly, it’s the best we got at this point. The one thing you people fail to realize is that it’s easier to purchase weapons on the Dark Web than it is to get them from a gun store. Maybe you should use your gun control on those websites that sell assault rifles to the public illegally. You can take the guns away from bad people, but they’ll just find another way to kill you.

Top 5 Games I’m Excited For

Top 5 Games I’m Excited For


All these new games coming out, and I can’t get my mind off them. I just want these games so bad, and it sucks that I have to wait so long. However, I do know that the wait will all be worth it in the end. After a long year of meh games back in 2016, it’s awesome to see game developers take a better approach with their games to appease their audiences. There is so much happening in November of this year, and I simply can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Even 2018 is looking very bright for the gaming industry, and these are the top five games I’m excited for!

#5: Kingdom Hearts 3 (TBA 2018)

I became a huge fan of this franchise back when I twelve years old when my mom bought me Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for my birthday. Aside from the Halo Series, this series has been one of my favorites. The amazing and interesting characters, the parallels it has to Final Fantasy, the fun and unique combat mechanics, and even the difficult bosses you’re put up against. It’s an amazing ride, and after seeing the gameplay trailer for the game, it has me very excited to see what they have in store for us. Only time will tell.


#4: Sea of Thieves (Q2 2018)

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited for this game. Just the idea of playing with my friends as a band of pirates, sailing the open seas, raiding ports for their loot, and battling ships like true pirates. This is a dream game! When I saw the gameplay footage, I was so damn excited and I wanted the game so bad. I’m a huge fan of roleplaying games, and this game’s reveal suckered me right in. What’s got me even more interested, is that Rare Ware is making this game! Rare Ware! A company that was once dominated the gaming industry back in the 90s … and unfortunately fell apart when they were bought out by Microsoft. However, this game could be a good comeback for the company. Who knows.

Sea of Thieves Vertical Key Art

#3: Marvel’s The Avengers (TBA 2018)

I was a little cautious when I first saw the teaser trailer for this game, but I shivered in excitement when I saw Eidos Montreal was going to be involved in this project. They are one of my favorite game developers of all time, and this has me super excited on what they’ll be doing for this upcoming game. Aside from the Spider-Man games, there hasn’t been that many good Marvel games. Hopefully, this’ll be a good comeback for them.


#2: Farcry 5 (February 27, 2018)

I’ve loved the Farcry series since the third installment. It had an incredible story, fascinated characters, nice open world, and great gameplay. Farcry 4, while not as good as 3, still was able to keep me hooked until the end with it’s great story. Farcry Primal I never purchased because … well … I just didn’t feel like I would’ve gotten into it. However, when Farcry 5 was announced, I got very excited. The game looks great, the story sounds awesome, and it’s the first Farcry game to take place in America. One thing I’ve been waiting for the series to do! You got me sold Ubisoft!


#1: Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA (November 17, 2017)

Star Wars Battlefront has been a huge part of my childhood since the first title by Lucas Arts back in 2004. It one of my favorite third-person shooters of all time, and I still play it on PC to this day. I absolutely adore the game, and while I felt EA’s last Battlefront game was a flop, this one looks like it has a great chance to turn things around for the better. It has an impressive looking single player campaign, a massive multiplayer experience, space battles, a new character/hero system, republic vs separatists, and no season pass. These features and more have me more than sold on this upcoming game. Can not wait for this to come out.


UPDATE: Sorry for lack of uploads …

Hey, it’s Mason.

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of content on this blog. I promised to have posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays … and I haven’t fully been living up to that promise. A lot of things have been going on here at home. Lots of personal stuff with the family and new developments with the current volunteering job I have. For starters, I’ve recently gotten a paid position at my volunteering job. Which is a great start for me towards getting a real job in the future, and it also means I’ll be working Saturday – Monday for the next four weeks. It won’t be a major change to the schedule of course, and it’ll be a good source of income for me. Allowing me to hopefully grow this site.

I understand that content has been lacking lately, and starting today, I plan to change that entirely. I plan to start having daily posts on this site. These could small posts, big posts, etc. For those of you who want me to discuss a certain topic, send me ideas! I want your voice to be heard on my blog. If you have something you want me to talk about, do not hesitate to ask, and I’ll have you featured in my next blog post.

That’s all for now, my friends. Stay tuned.

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