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RANT: Bungie thinks making more content for Destiny 2 is “too hard” …

RANT: Bungie thinks making more content for Destiny 2 is “too hard” …

Yes, you heard that correct. The main reason Bungie focuses more on the Eververse and less on the content for the game … is because making the content is just too hard. What the actual fuck? This bullshit excuse comes from Bungie. BUNGIE! The company who would NEVER make dumbass excuses for their mistakes. The company who wouldn’t release their game if they didn’t feel it was fun. The company that wouldn’t allow a deadline to intimidate them. The company who created one of the greatest gaming franchises in history, and this is their fucking excuse.

This was their response to why D2 was in it’s current state:

I think that it (Destiny 2) was made in a relatively short period of time. There was a big reboot of Destiny 2 at some point of early 2016. There had been a previous director who was directing the game before Luke Smith (who’s the current director) took over. So that guy was kind of put aside and Luke Smith took over. I believe that was in April of 2016 but I might be misremembering. Don’t hold me to that exact line. So if you think about it that way then they didn’t really have a ton of time. It had been a 16 months period between the reboot and when the game finally shipped.

And this was their “excuse” to why their main focus is Eververse:

What Bungie decided was we can’t do this any more this is too hard for us to do (referring to releasing a DLC every few months) the tools that we’re working with are really hard to deal with. It’s hard for us to make this much content. It’s just hard to make content in general. And they said we’re going to do a smaller or drip feed of smaller stuff and we’re going to put up the Eververse and make money that way, and Activision said okay. it was a part of their renegotiated deal and they got to a point where they didn’t have to be cranking up so much content.

WOW!! Just … wow, Bungie! The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That couldn’t be more true in this case. Bungie, you made a commitment to your fan base that you would be dedicated to this game for an entire decade. You made a promise, and much like people who make excuses to not exercise, they say it’s too hard. If it’s too hard Bungie, why the hell did you make Destiny? If you feel like you aren’t cut out for it, why don’t you give the license to a company that actually gives a shit. You built a universe that so many people wanted to see grow and thrive, but now you think it’s too hard to make content for your games.

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The Man who can Save the Gaming Industry

The Man who can Save the Gaming Industry

Since the controversy around Star Wars Battlefront 2 sparked, many gaming companies have been criticized for their implementations of greedy micro-transactions in their triple A titles. Games such as Destiny 2, Overwatch, and even Call of Duty WW2 to name a few. The news on Loot Boxes spread like a wildfire, making it’s way to mainstream media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, Forbes, among others. This news only got bigger with newer information being found by Reddit on these games. Word continued to spread, and it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of worldwide governments.

Belgium, Germany and Australia were the many foreign countries who spoke out against the recent controversy, agreeing that it was a form of gambling to prey on a younger audience or addictive individuals. This eventually leading us to Hawaii Representative, Chris Lee, the man who has spoken out against the Battlefront 2 scandal, and has demanded for the immediate regulation of Loot Boxes in gaming. This is the man I believe will have the power to save the Gaming Industry.

I know what many of you will say; “Government regulation in the gaming industry could lead to it’s demise”, and to an extent, I can agree. I hate government regulations as much as the next guy. However, I honestly feel like we’re being left with no other option. We either continue to allow gaming companies get away with these greedy tactics against consumers, or we leave them with no choice but to face the wrath of Big Brother. We’d be trading one villain for another, but we would also be regulating a practice in gaming that has infested the industry with it’s bullshit.

As of right now, Chris Lee as successfully gotten the support from five other states across the United States, and more support for his cause continues to grow. This move (regardless of how you feel about it) is very important to the future of the gaming community. If you wish to learn more on these matters, feel free to visit Chris Lee’s many social media accounts on YouTube and Twitter. No matter how you feel on the subject, this is an important fight that all gamers should take part in.

RANT: Destiny 2 is an Abusive Relationship

RANT: Destiny 2 is an Abusive Relationship

Every time I log on to this game, I just keep thinking the same endless thought to myself, how was this disappointment developed by Bungie? One of the greatest game developers of all time, the creators of the Halo Series. The company who was famous for taking pride in their work. The company that cared about their games, and were willing to start over on the design if they made a mistake. The company that wanted everyone to enjoy their games, and not just hardcore gamers. The company that cared about the story of the games they’ve made. However, I need to accept the fact … the mighty have fallen.

The old Bungie is gone, and have been gone for awhile. Since Destiny’s inception back in 2014, the original team that brought us Halo had been dwindling, and by the time Destiny 2 was announced, they were gone. Some fired. Some just up and left. They’ve all been replaced with soulless corporate suits. Individuals who see their consumers not as people, but as dollar signs. Coming to grips with this reality makes me so sad. When I was a little kid, and I picked my first Halo game (Halo 2), I fell in love and became so inspired creatively by it. This company gave me inspiration for wanting to make and design my own game. Of which I am in the process of doing.

They were an inspiration to me as a kid, and now their company has changed for the worse. It kills me to see this monolith of company who started small, grew big, and eventually grew too big to the point where bigger companies wanted to get their hands on them. When they broke off from Microsoft, I became hopeful. I thought this was the time for them be a free company and branch out to other consoles, but I could have never foreseen this disappointing future. They’ve become a company that spouts out lies and deception in order to make excuses for why they keep making mistakes. This has been nothing more than abusive relationship.

They keep telling us that things are going to get better, and that everything will be okay and they just need more time, but we both know that isn’t the truth. They can talk all day about how things will get better, but when there’s no weight to any of their promises, we can only assume the worst. Until we start seeing actual significant improvements to this game that are impactful, then I don’t see any hope. I will say this, if the next DLC that comes out isn’t better (or worse) than Curse of Osiris, I will remove Destiny 2 from my Xbox Library and never play it again. I’ll be cautiously optimistic and hold on to the very little bit of hope this game has, but if they fail a second time, that’ll be it for me.

PS: I deeply apologize for my disappearance for the past couple weeks. A lot has been going on at home, and I’ve sort of been lacking creativity lately with my site. I want to get better though. I really want to see this site thrive and improve, and I hope to do that sometime early 2018. There will more updates as the days go on. Stay tuned.

Destiny 2, the most disappointing MMORPG in Gaming History …

Destiny 2, the most disappointing MMORPG in Gaming History …


It feels like the more we talk about Destiny 2, the more and more we begin to unravel just how empty and lifeless this game is. I paid $90 for this title. I stayed up for the midnight release, hoping and praying that the game would live up to the promise of being better than Destiny 1. However, after spending a total of 334 hours played, I have come to the sad conclusion … Destiny 1 (game mechanics wise) is better than Destiny 2, hands down. It kills me to say that, but it’s the truth, and allow me to explain.

No reason to do anything

There is absolutely no incentive to do any activities. Strikes, nightfalls, crucible, public events, hell even the raid are all but pointless to do. There’s no Strike-specific gear you can get from them like in Destiny 1. You get nothing cool from the Prestige Raid like the Hardened Raids back in Destiny 1. The Crucible has no variety like in Destiny 1. Public Events give you no decent rewards like in Destiny 1. A lot of the mechanics that made these events attractive back in Destiny 1 have been completely gutted in this game.

“Vendors” aren’t vendors anymore

No … no they are not. These new “vendors” don’t sell you anything like they did in Destiny 1. Gone are the days when you could buy the gun or armor piece you wanted from the vendors. So, how do we get stuff from these “vendors” now? Oh you know … earn fucking tokens and give them to the “vendors” to boost their reputations. When you fill the rep bar, they give random (shitty) rewards. That. Is. HORRIBLE. You couldn’t have made a more terrible system. Unless you prove me wrong in the next update…

Shaders shaders shaders

I know I’ve spoken about this previously, but it is still an insane move by Bungie and an obviously greedy tactic to buy the stupid Bright Engrams. In Destiny 2, shaders can only be used on one armor piece/weapon and they cost a handful of Glimmer (the game’s in-game currency). The more rare the item, the more the shader will cost to put on. A system, when compared to the shaders from Destiny 1, is completely garbage.

The Meta Reigns Supreme

In Crucible, I never feel like I can use what I want. There’s a clear dominant weapon currently in the game, and I see literally everyone using the same damn weapons again and again. The main guns people use are: Better Devils, Origin Story, Nameless Nemesis, any auto rifle with a Rate of Fire over 450, and three-round-burst sidearms. That’s it, and it gets worse during Trials of the Nine, because you have no other option. You have to use these guns, or you will lose.

Trials of the NO

Trials of Osiris is an activity in Destiny 1 that I never really got into. Mostly because I’m actual trash at competitive games. However, this time around, I decided to give it another shot and see how it was. After completing it (not getting flawless), I was so disappointed, that I had no incentive or reason to try again for flawless. Compared to Destiny 1 (again) these new guns look terrible, and with no random rolls, I don’t feel like I got anything special. Especially when I hear my friends telling me that the gun I got was shit. Fuck Trials.

Rest in Peace Random Rolls

What made guns in Destiny 1 special was their random rolls on weapons. It made you want to keep trying until you got the perfect gun. When you did, you felt truly accomplished, and you felt like you had something no one else could get (or have a hard time getting). However, with that system removed, there’s nothing special with any weapon you have. You most likely have a gun that everyone else has. You aren’t special in any way. You’re just like everyone else. Fucking awful.

XP Controversy

I’m sure most of you have heard about this debacle, but for those of you who haven’t, I’ll explain how it went down. It was found by a Reddit user that Destiny 2’s XP system has been giving it’s players false information regarding their XP earnings. When you complete activities, you get a specific XP amount. However, as you continue doing more activities, your XP earnings begin decreasing drastically. If you earn 750 XP from completing an event, that is actually a false number. Instead, you really receive about 1/5 of that. While Bungie said they fixed this issue, that was a lie. Instead of fixing the issue, they just increased the XP Bar limit from 0 – 80,000 XP to 0 – 160,000 XP. While they did stop making us lose XP earnings, they also still made it take longer for players to earn XP from doing activities. They say now that they’re still working on this, but after dealing with this game for over a month, I have no hopes anymore.

The Sad Curse of Osiris

The news is already out on how lifeless the Curse of Osiris DLC is going to be. IGN talking about how little there is to do on Mercury and even the admittedly most disappointing live stream by Bungie. There is no hope for the DLC, that’s just fact. The map of Mercury is small, the Infinite Forest is bland, the story is short, the weapons are lack luster, and the raid (for some fucking reason) has us back on the Leviathan. Yes … because we all know we want to go back to that piece of shit. Jesus … typing this is making me so sad.

In Conclusion

Don’t buy Destiny 2 … don’t. It pains me to say that, but it’s the truth. This game was a colossal disappointment at launch, and I don’t think it’s going to get any better as the days go on. Supposedly there is a big update coming in early 2018 that’ll “fix Destiny 2”, but I’ve given up on Bungie at this point. They’ve given me little to no reason to trust them on anything they say. It is a shame what this game has become, and at this point, we need a new MMO to come out that can completely blow Destiny 2 out of the water. Make Destiny 2 look like absolute shit and dominate all MMOs on consoles, and I really think Monster Hunter World could have the chance to make that a reality. I don’t know, we’ll see. We can only hope at this point.