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The Man who can Save the Gaming Industry

The Man who can Save the Gaming Industry

Since the controversy around Star Wars Battlefront 2 sparked, many gaming companies have been criticized for their implementations of greedy micro-transactions in their triple A titles. Games such as Destiny 2, Overwatch, and even Call of Duty WW2 to name a few. The news on Loot Boxes spread like a wildfire, making it’s way to mainstream media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, Forbes, among others. This news only got bigger with newer information being found by Reddit on these games. Word continued to spread, and it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of worldwide governments.

Belgium, Germany and Australia were the many foreign countries who spoke out against the recent controversy, agreeing that it was a form of gambling to prey on a younger audience or addictive individuals. This eventually leading us to Hawaii Representative, Chris Lee, the man who has spoken out against the Battlefront 2 scandal, and has demanded for the immediate regulation of Loot Boxes in gaming. This is the man I believe will have the power to save the Gaming Industry.

I know what many of you will say; “Government regulation in the gaming industry could lead to it’s demise”, and to an extent, I can agree. I hate government regulations as much as the next guy. However, I honestly feel like we’re being left with no other option. We either continue to allow gaming companies get away with these greedy tactics against consumers, or we leave them with no choice but to face the wrath of Big Brother. We’d be trading one villain for another, but we would also be regulating a practice in gaming that has infested the industry with it’s bullshit.

As of right now, Chris Lee as successfully gotten the support from five other states across the United States, and more support for his cause continues to grow. This move (regardless of how you feel about it) is very important to the future of the gaming community. If you wish to learn more on these matters, feel free to visit Chris Lee’s many social media accounts on YouTube and Twitter. No matter how you feel on the subject, this is an important fight that all gamers should take part in.

How long have they lied??

How long have they lied??


I’ve recently come to the realization that there has been a pattern with the recent Call of Duty games. Since Black Ops 3, every CoD development team seems to always make  the same promise about their supply drop system, “It will be cosmetic only.”. A lot of people will tell me this is no surprising news coming from Call of Duty, however, we still buy it and believe every word. We keep hoping that they’re telling the truth. We keep hoping that they’ll release a fair and cosmetic only supply drop system. Yet the same thing happens every year. First few months are cosmetic only. After that, three new guns come out every other month. Usually a new assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol.

While (in my opinion) Infinite Warfare did a slightly better job at this, both Black Ops 3 and Modern Warfare Remastered made this a money whoring powerhouse. BO3 probably being the worst of the bunch. Making the RNG system damn near impossible to get a single gun from a supply drop. They don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re solely doing this for money and nothing more. Now, Sledgehammer is saying that their supply drops will be “cosmetic only”, and people are believing every word. I’m not saying I’ll be able to change your mind on buying future Call of Duty’s, I’m only saying don’t trust their words if they’ve lied before.

Black Ops 3 Supply Drops

This was the most infamous title when it came down to supply drops. Mostly do to their extremely low drop rate on weapons. If you go look on YouTube and view certain channels such as M3RKMUS1C and Ali-A, will show just how expensive it can get when trying to grind supply drops for certain guns. You can spend anywhere from $20 – $200 before you finally get the gun you want, and that’s if you’re lucky. Ali-A for example made several videos showing just how pricey things can get when trying to get these guns, and it can sometimes start entering the $500+ range.


Modern Warfare Remastered Supply Drops

Probably the most infamous of the bunch are MWR’s supply drop system. Raven kept promising “cosmetic only” supply drops, but we all knew what was coming. A couple months later, and we get our new assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol as if practically right on cue. Not only were these weapons rather difficult to unlock, but their appearance made several fans of the remastered game no longer consider it remastered. Instead we all just saw it as another empty shell for Activision to fill up with their micro-transaction bullshit. As if the overpriced Variety Map-Pack wasn’t enough. This game went from a fantastic remake of the original COD4, to another endless money machine for Activision, and it’s a damn shame.


Call of Duty WW2 Supply Drop Prediction

We all know what’s coming no matter how in denial we are. We need to accept the fact that what happened to the last Call of Duty games will indeed happen to this one, and we should not stand for it. We’re better than mindless sheep buying into everything Sledgehammer or Activision says. If we want cosmetic only supply drops, we need to demand it! We need to stand up to Activision’s greedy practices and tell them we aren’t gonna take it anymore. We love this franchise and we want it to thrive and grow. Not become a blood sucking money machine.

We all know they want to add weapons and other immersion breaking items to those supply drops after two months. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. We can’t let them. You want this game to succeed? Then teach Sledgehammer and Activision on how to properly respect it.

RANT: Supply Drops in Call of Duty WW2

RANT: Supply Drops in Call of Duty WW2

NOTICE: Just wanted to let you guys know from here on out I will be posting random rants about certain topics on my blog. They’ll usually be short paragraphs of me simply arguing about something that “grinds my gears”. It won’t be like my other blog posts. Just short, sweet and to the point. Enjoy, and thanks again for the support!

As we should’ve all known by now, Call of Duty WW2 is indeed getting supply drops in the multiplayer. It was inevitable. However, its what they’re doing with it that has me furious at Sledgehammer. First off, Michael Condrey has stated that these Supply Drops will be purely cosmetic and nothing more. This is bullshit, pardon my French. We’ve seen this before in another now infamous Call of Duty game by the name of Modern Warfare Remastered. When Raven promised that the drops would be cosmetic only, and what happened? Weapon after weapon after weapon had been released. There’s now a total of over 10 new guns in the game.

Allow me to predict the future here, this won’t last. I’d say give it one to two months before Sledgehammer officially announces that they’ll be releasing, oh I don’t know, I’m guessing a new assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol. A month after that, they’ll announce a new update featuring a new sniper rifle this time, maybe even a new melee. At the end of the day, we won’t truly know until the game is released. All I can say is, gamers, look through every file this game has when it comes out. Find out if they’re hiding anything in the programming. I wanna know if my assumptions are correct.