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RANT: Micro-Transactions are Coming Back to Battlefront II . . .

RANT: Micro-Transactions are Coming Back to Battlefront II . . .

Honestly, none of us should be surprised by this outcome. Yes, the dreaded day has come, loot boxes will be returning to Battlefront 2. According to EA, the game had missed the mark on the game’s sales. Selling only around 7 million units out of the predicted 14 million they were hoping for. Which in the gaming industry, is incredibly low. Using this as an excuse, EA is now saying their micro-transactions system will be returning to the game in the coming months. This news, of course, made EA’s investors and share holders very excited, and their stock prices have recently soared.

Now the main question on every gamer’s mind is this, how will this new micro-transaction system be implemented? Knowing Electronic Arts (and seeing how they haven’t learned from their lesson at all) they will probably try and make them the same way they did before. At least until after the controversy surrounding them has died down. Knowing Wilson and Jorgensen, that would be their plan. I understand gamers wouldn’t really care about cosmetic-only loot boxes, but as I’m starting to hear more gamers beg for cosmetics in the game, it won’t surprise me if those new loot boxes start selling like hot cakes.

Here is what EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, said about the recent update:

“We wanted a game that would meet the needs of the vast and passionate Star Wars fan base, so we designed it with the intent of keeping the community together, and a commitment to continually add content long after launch.”

Yeah, funny stuff. That’s why Jorgensen had to explain to people that there would be no cosmetics in the game, huh? Or why you initially tried to make the game Pay-to-Win? Or how about when Disney forced your hand into temporarily removing those micro-transactions from the game? Stop talking about the community like you care about them, because everyone knows you don’t. When you leave a bad impression on your community, they usually never forget something like that.

We wanted Battlefront 2 to be able to rival the old Battlefront 2. We wanted the game to be just as good (if not better) than the original title. We had been hoping and praying that the game would get it right this time. Battlefront 2 was literally supposed to be an apology for Battlefront 1, and you even fucked that up. Now Battlefront 3 (if it’ll even be considered possible at this point) is going to have to be an apology for both of those games, but we all know it won’t be.

You are a company run by greed. You’ll never change.

RANT: What is this???

RANT: What is this???

Okay … out of all of the games that Microsoft could’ve made backwards compatible with their new system. Modern Warfare 2, (the original) Star Wars Battlefront 2, Brutal Legend, Call of Duty 2 Big Red One, and they chose this. Army of Two, a game who’s servers have been shutdown since 2011! Microsoft actually thought it was a brilliant idea to make a game who’s servers are no longer operational. The one mechanic that literally gave the game it’s title, is no longer available, and Microsoft thought it was a brilliant idea to release this game for backwards compatibility.

If you take a quick look at the list of games they have, you’ll find many redundant titles put on there. Microsoft doesn’t pick there games based off the votes we make, at least from the selections I’ve seen them make. Games like Meet the RobinsonsCars 2World of Keflings, among others. Modern Warfare 2 & 3 are in the top five most voted for titles for backwards compatibility, and they still aren’t backwards compatible. I understand it isn’t entirely up to Microsoft to release these games, but how can you release a title that no longer has their servers running like Army of Two. It makes no sense.

All I’m saying is that for a game to be put on backwards compatibility, the requirements should be strict. Something like this:

  1. The game should be well known in the Gaming Industry.
  2. The game should be rated higher than three stars.
  3. The game should be a popular title from the last generation.
  4. The game should have it’s servers currently active (if it has online features).
  5. The game should have over 5,000 votes.

These are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.


“Nobody is smarter than the Internet.”

“Nobody is smarter than the Internet.”

In January 2013, Gabe Newell (the CEO of Valve) during The Nerdist Podcast had been quoted saying this,

“You have to stop thinking that you’re in charge and start thinking that you’re having a dance. We used to think we’re smart […] but nobody is smarter than the internet. […] One of the things we learned pretty early on is ‘Don’t ever, ever try to lie to the internet – because they will catch you. They will de-construct your spin. They will remember everything you ever say for eternity.’

You can see really old school companies really struggle with that. They think they can still be in control of the message. […] So yeah, the internet (in aggregate) is scary smart. The sooner people accept that and start to trust that that’s the case, the better they’re gonna be in interacting with them.”

A quote that reigns true even to this day. This situation almost sounds familiar when being compared to the current situation with Bungie and the fans. Bungie has repeated time and time again that they’re “listening to their fans” and that “there will be changes” and “we’re looking into it”. The same old tune over and over, and the entire Destiny 2 community is sick and tired of it. Bungie needs to stop believing in the false ideology that they’re in charge, start actually doing something about the game’s problems, and stop lying to their consumers at every which way.

In fact, I already know several things you can add to Destiny 2:

  1. Bring Back Random Rolls – They are what made grinding for loot in Destiny 1 actually enjoyable. It meant that any gun had the chance of either being good or being bad. It made you feel special when you got a very good roll on an Imago Loop you just got. It’s what made grinding fun, and it would make grinding great in Destiny 2.
  2. Bring Back Strike Exclusive Loot – Much like my previous suggestion, this was a feature in Destiny 1 that really worked well with grinding for loot. When you got something that is exclusive to a specific to a certain Strike, you felt really damn proud of your self for working so hard for it. That’s something Destiny 2 lacks almost entirely.
  3. LIMIT the Eververse – I really shouldn’t have to be the one to explain this further to you, Bungie. Especially after all the backlash from The Dawning, I would’ve hoped you learned your lesson by now, but clearly not. Eververse has completely enraged the player-base with how difficult it is to get stuff from her. Hell, it’s already been calculated by many reliable sources that it could take players literal YEARS before they unlock everything from the Eververse. Either limit the Eververse to what she can and can not sell, or get rid of her entirely. She has done nothing but anger the community, and it needs to be taken care of.
  4. Get Rid of Tokens – Many people have argued with me about this topic. Claiming tokens are a good thing and that helps keep it fair for people, because people were leveling factions up too fast because … they were grinding for longer periods? Because … apparently that’s unfair to players who can’t spend hours grinding for loot … in an MMORPG? (I will get to this topic later) Anyways, I don’t care about that, and neither do many other Destiny fans. They want to level up their factions directly, not have a bunch of stupid Chuckie Cheese tokens do it.
  5. Give Raids VARIETY – We don’t want to be going to the same exact spot for every single Raid for the next four DLCs. We don’t keep seeing the same Leviathan, the same Calus, or the same Cabal every time we go Raid. Not everyone is on board with a Cabal-themed Raid system. It doesn’t sound fun and exciting like how a Hive Raid sounds, or how a Vex Raid sounds. The Cabal haven’t done anything in magnitude when compared to the Vex or the Hive. Give us new locations, new planets, new raid scenery, and stop giving us reused assets.
  6. Better Writers – When I first played Destiny 2’s campaign, I was blinded by the game’s visuals, music, and set design. They all looked great. However, the story lacked any quality. Hell, I personally thought Ghaul was a weak villain that quickly changed his motives towards the end for … really no reason. I didn’t like the fact that he cared so much about the Traveler either. Remember, the Cabal have been known for destroying planets just for getting in their way. So why would they care about wanting the Traveler? If anything, I feel they would want to destroy it, because it would break humanity’s will to continue fighting, because the Traveler is practically a God praised by humanity. If they saw their God die, that would ultimately break them. Giving a more powerful and emotional message, but Bungie decided FUCK THAT. Instead get cheesy dialogue, cheesy acting, cheesy story telling, and a dumb, cliché ending. Long story short, just get better writers.
  7. Oh, and stop thinking you can lie to the internet – We’re not dumb, Bungie. We aren’t mindless consumers that don’t know when we’re being scammed. For almost four months now, we’ve been calling you out on your blatant lies, and you continue to believe that you’re still in control of the conversation. You aren’t. Day by day, we are catching on to you, and we’re archiving every word you type. Every message you post. Every tweet you make. Every update you announce. We have it all at our finger tips. Ready to use against you. Do not think for one single moment, that you have any power here on the internet.

Follow these seven ideas, Bungie, and you just might be on the right path to success. Probably … maybe … but eh, I know you won’t. You never will.

P.S. After this, I will be releasing one final blog post on Destiny 2. I promise. It will be released after the second DLC has been released. This will be my final judgement on the game, and will possibly my final goodbye to the game. Next post will be something new, don’t worry.

RANT: How did this disaster get so popular???

RANT: How did this disaster get so popular???

I’ve been observing this game from a far for a few months now, and I’ve been just sitting here wondering to myself, how the hell did this game get so popular? After everything that has happened. After all that has gone down, how and why did this game grow in popularity so fast? This game was an Early Access title when it was being given reviews by actual critics! It was an unfinished product when it was being given Game of the Year awards! It was (and still is) a glitchy and buggy mess when Microsoft was actively promoting this during E3 2017! How did this game get so many chances?

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand (to an extent) how a game like this got so popular so quick. It was a new style of gaming that had been a mod for Arma 2 & 3. It grew in popularity basically over night. To the point where popular YouTubers began playing it and Streamers began streaming it. It was ranked number one on Twitch at one point, and … it’s ranked three now on the Top Games list. Wow. However, the recent controversy this game has gotten itself into, and the recent backlash it has received, kind of makes me wonder just how a game like this got away with so much.

When you look at the game from a critical point-of-view, you’ll agree almost immediately that the game is … average on PC and terrible on consoles. The game runs fine (until you get somebody with bad ping) on PC of course, but when put on consoles, it somehow is absolutely horrendous. Even on the Xbox One X, a console that is considered to be the greatest and most high-end console in history, and PUBG can’t perform well on it. The servers are suffering tremendously from players in China with incredibly bad ping and players hacking the game.

As the player-base continues discussing the game’s many issues, the developer (Player Unknown) responded to it in … quite possibly the most anti-consumer way possible. He responds to it all claiming that “he is tired of all the xenophobia in his community”. Yes, because the game is suffering from bad ping from Chinese players and because the game doesn’t have dedicated servers, it means that we’re discriminatory towards the people of China. That makes total sense. You know, there is a professional way of dealing with these complaints. Maybe tell your player-base what is TRULY going on. Maybe give them a real excuse for why your “servers” aren’t any better. Maybe instead of talking about it and complaining about how “xenophobic” your community is … actually … fucking … do something!

Just a thought.