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John Adams for Virginia

John Adams for Virginia

There are only 56 days left until the November 7th Election for our statewide candidates and Delegates. The future of who our Attorney General will be depends on the people. There couldn’t be a more important time to go out and vote. If you are looking for someone that is focused on being a fair lawyer for all people of Virginia, I strongly suggest you go out and vote for John Adams.  John isn’t a politician, he is an everyday Virginian and Navy veteran who believes in doing what’s right rather than what is politically expedient. He is someone who not only has the experience, but has found it to be his duty to protect the American people.

John has many plans to help keep Virginia families and help strengthen the Commonwealth. He wishes to end the heroin & opioid epidemic by getting down to the educational level, teaching kids the dangers of those type of drugs. He also plans on Establish the Attorney General’s Virginia Substance Abuse Coordination Center (VSAC) to engage all available resources for community efforts. To create strong and strategic laws that will help prevent criminal activity; such as human trafficking, drug trade, and other violent crimes. After a lifetime of service in the Navy, John knows what it means to serve and protect his country.

As Attorney General, John wishes to be a public figure with access to opportunities not readily available to every locality.  As part of the prevention program, he will implement the following additional components to help our communities access additional funding:

  • Dedicate staff for grant-writing
  • Act as central clearinghouse for substance abuse program funding and grant management
  • Partner with early-childhood education and prevention efforts
  • Provide guidance and expertise for community and legislative efforts
  • Support Public and Private Health efforts that make sense

As far as I’m concerned, John Adams has shown that he is far more than capable of being Virginia’s next Attorney General, and one we desperately needed. He’s patriotic, he’s not a politician, he’s had a lifetime of service, he’s been a fantastic lawyer, and he’s famous for being selfless. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, go visit his website and twitter and find out more.

Get out there and vote!!