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Gun Control in America

Gun Control in America

Gun control, gun control, gun control! This has been a hot topic since the recent Florida Shooting. This is a debate that has been going on for the longest time in this country. Whether or not civilians should be allowed to own firearms. The debate really sparked in 1994 when Former President Bill Clinton signed the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which claimed to ban the purchase of certain weapons identified as being “assault weapons” to the general public between the years of 1994 and 2004. The ban lists 18 different semi-automatic weapon models. This included weapons such as AR-15s and AK-47s. It was supposed to help end gun violence in the USA … and as expected, it did nothing.

On April 20, 1999, five years after Clinton signed the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, the Columbine Massacre occurred. Fifteen students were killed while twenty four were wounded during the attack. The now second worst school shooting in US history. It took place during the ten year Assault Weapons Ban. What guns were used during the Columbine Massacre? Assault weapons. Wakefield Shooting in 2000. Seven dead. What was used? Assault weapons. Lockheed Martin Plant Shooting in 2003. Seven dead. What was used? Assault weapons. The list goes on.

No matter what you do, no matter what laws you pass, no matter what legislation you conjure, you can NOT stop a criminal from wanting to kill people. If they have it in their head that they want to kill over a dozen people, they will act on it. If they can’t buy a gun, that’s nothing. All they need to do is get a VPN, download Tor, go searching on the Dark Net, and get a gun illegally. No process, no wait time, nothing. Just buy and go. The best part? Their transaction is untraceable.

The one thing we can do, is teach Americans how to defend themselves. In 1974, there was a school shooting that took place in Israel known as the Ma’alot Massacre. Leaving 31 Israelis dead and 70 injured. After that, laws were passed that demanded that all schools would be allowed armed guards and teachers on school grounds at all times. Since then, there has only been two school shootings. Two. That is how you deal with school shootings.

When a maniac reads a sign that says, “Gun Free Zone”, then they just found an easy target. When they walk in there and shoot up the place, there will be nobody there to stop them. Nobody there who will shoot back. However, if they come into a place with armed guards, they will have less of a chance to do serious harm. We are teaching our youth how to run away instead of teaching them how to protect themselves. We’re teaching them how to get somebody else to solve their problems instead of teaching them how to stand and fight. We’re teaching them how to be dependent on somebody instead of being independent for themselves.

It’s sick. It’s wrong. It’s un-American. It needs to change. Gun Control will never work … but teaching self-defense, will be a step in the right direction for all Americans.

Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Everyone has the right to own a gun.


RANT: About Gun Control

RANT: About Gun Control

Yesterday afternoon, Nikolas Cruz armed with an AR-15 came into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, and started to open fire. The shooting appeared to happen for over an hour before Cruz eventually fled the scene. From the articles I’ve read so far, Cruz had killed 17 people and injured 14. This is now confirmed to be one of the deadliest school shootings in US History. Since the Columbine Shooting from 1999, there as been 25 different school shootings across the United States. The debate has continued for each and every single one, Gun Control.

Let me make this very clear to people who believe in Gun Control; the law does NOT apply to criminals. It doesn’t matter what legislation you pass. It doesn’t matter what laws you enforce. It doesn’t matter what counter measures you take. Criminals who don’t abide to the laws will ALWAYS find another. Whether it’d be through the Dark Net, Gangs, the Black Market, or (if they’re young) guns they got from their parent’s closet, Criminals will always find another way to get them. It’s just fact.

The Democratic Party never seems to hesitate on demanding Gun Control when these events occur. It’s almost on impulse at this point. Rather than try and figure out a way for schools to defend themselves from events like these, they instead do whatever they can to continue promoting their Gun Control agenda. When in reality, that shouldn’t be the discussion at all. This shooting would have never happened had the teachers been armed to defend themselves. Or if it did happen, there would’ve been a lot less causalities.

Gun Control isn’t going to fix anything anytime soon. What America needs is better security. If schools are being threatened this much, then allow law abiding teachers to have their conceal-carry handguns on them. Allow teachers to defend themselves and their students. Teach kids how to defend themselves from people like Cruz. These shootings have nothing to do with the guns used in the attack. It’s the shooter themselves. The gun can’t do anything on it’s own. Somebody has to pick it up and use it for it be classified as dangerous.

Gun control won’t end Gun Violence. Security of our schools and our community however, will help prevent it.

Why is it that from the 40s up through the late 80s, guns were allowed either on school grounds or in the class room? Why is it that my father went to school in DC where they had a Rifle Team in the 80s? Why is it that my father’s father was able to do target practice on school grounds? Because the old generation of kids wasn’t taught to run and hide, but to stand and fight. To protect themselves and others against dangerous people like Cruz. That’s something we need to do. Teach people how to protect themselves from bad people.


“This was never intended.”

“This was never intended.”


It’s the same broken record every time. “This was never intended.” “We missed the mark on this one.” “It’s too hard to make games.” “We’ll do better this time.” Blah blah blah blah! This excuse is being used more and more since the Battlefront 2 controversy, and people are actually defending them. Some gamers are being told the false ideology that games are too hard to make for AAA companies. Something (unless they’re an indie game developer) that is a weak excuse. Especially if they’re a multi-billion dollar company like Activision or EA. They have every resource at their fingertips with the kind of money they have, and they should have no excuse for why they can’t do better. Here’s two main reasons why.

The Gaming Industry is a $90 Billion Business

Like I said previously, these big companies have no room for excuses when they’re making insane amounts of money annually. In an article by IGN back in 2016, Electronic Arts CEO, Blake Jorgensen, was quoted saying,

“The extra content business is a billion-three [$1.3 Billion] a year. Half of that is roughly our Ultimate Team business.”

For those who don’t know, Ultimate Team is an EA contributor responsible with providing players in FIFA, Madden, and NHL games to be able to buy, sell, or trade player cards for cash or in-game currency. A system that EA has been profiting on for well over a decade. That’s not all. The article continues to state that Jorgensen explained that most gamers’ will “typically pay money to beat their friends”. Its also explained that EA makes over $650 million in digital revenue through mobile purchases. They also receive anywhere from $300 to $400 million from digital and subscription purchases across all platforms.

Remember though, these numbers are from 2016. Imagine what those numbers probably look like today. Astronomical I imagine. So when developers want to give the excuse that developing games is “too hard” or “too expensive”. Do yourself a quick Google search of what their annual revenue is. If it’s more than what you make annually, then they’re talking bullshit.

Some Developers Rush Their Titles

One of the biggest problems with games today is that they’re being rushed. It’s a simple yet terrible fact. Look at Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefront 2, both of those titles were rushed for two different reasons. Andromeda was rushed so they could have it released on time, even though the finished product was not ready for release, and Battlefront 2 was rushed to be released alongside The Last Jedi film. Duke Nukem Forever met a similar fate. Even after all of the old advertising campaigns explained the game is “Coming When it’s Done!”. They had many years to make this game absolutely badass, and it completely missed the mark.

The finished product was completely botched, glitchy, buggy, and a total broken mess at release. The complete opposite of what was advertised back in 2001. A sad end to a rather epic game franchise. This is a very dangerous practice in the gaming industry that has a affected many game developers financially, and has also been the root cause of some companies being shut down. So why are games rushed? Well, it usually depends on the title. To many game publishers, there are some titles out there that they feel are too risky to sell. Which is usually the reason most big budget games are pushed towards the end of the year before they’re released. This is because most titles are usually given only a month to earn any profit.

So what do they do? Market the shit out of it. Over hype the hell out of the game to the heavens above. Scream from the highest mountain top about their game. Do everything they possibly can to hype the game up. It’s what Destiny 2 was very famous for with their Live Action marketing campaigns. Cayde-6 (one of the main characters of Destiny 2) being the face of most of the advertising. Hell, I got a Cayde-6 mini-figure with the copy I pre-ordered. It was to hype up their game as much as possible. So no matter how bad they did, they would still get the money they’d need from the advertisements. It doesn’t matter how bad the game was (and still is), they still got our money, and in the eyes of their corporate overlords, they won.


The Gaming Industry has and always will be one of the biggest industries worldwide, and will continue making money for years to come. Electronic Arts makes $4.8 Billion annually as of 2017. Activision makes $6.6 Billion annually as of 2016. Blizzard makes $2.4 Billion annually as of 2016. You get my point. If you ever hear game publishers complain and whine about how making games is to hard and that they need to implement micro-transactions to support their $60 games, just look at the numbers. A quick Google search will show just how much bullshit they’re spewing. They’re making us look stupid. They’re making us look like easy prey, and we need to stand up to them.

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RANT: The Left’s Response to Las Vegas

RANT: The Left’s Response to Las Vegas

On October 1st, a lone gunman had entered a concert in Las Vegas with a fully automatic assault rifle and had killed over fifty people and injured over five hundred. Before the police were able to break inside of the hotel room he returned to, the gunman committed suicide, and that was the end of the shooting. However, it was still an extremely long night for the police, ambulance, fire fighters, and civilians affected by this attack. In this incredibly dark hour, Trump made a fantastic and powerful speech in response to this attack. Expressing deep sympathies to the people who lost their lives in this gruesome event. He also gave his gratitude to the thousands of ordinary people who came to help and give their support to the victims.

It was an incredibly emotional and tragic night. One that’ll never be forgotten. However, while Trump was trying to unite the country, several Democrats decided to make a political statement out of it. Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, and Hayley Lattman are the main three I’ll be talking about today. We’re gonna start with Hillary, a woman who can’t go five seconds without saying “gun control”. She’s an individual who despises the NRA and all they are, and wishes to blame them for nearly every single mass shooting that occurs in this country. The image you see above me is the exact tweet she gave out right after the shooting took place. This of course isn’t the first time Hillary has politicized an event like this, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Next is Jimmy Kimmel, a likeable guy for some, but an idiot for others. The late-night television host opened up his program on Monday with his response towards the attack saying, “Republicans should pray to God for him to forgive them.”, and he isn’t the only one saying this shit. Nearly every single late-night talk show host has turned this entire tragedy into a complete attack on the Republican Party and Donald Trump. This doesn’t make the Democratic Party look like they care, it makes them look like a bunch selfish politicians who have a complete disregard for human life. Disgusting.

Finally we have the “lovely” Haley Lattman, a despicable human being who cares more about insulting and berating the Republicans than having any bit of sympathy for the loss of human life. Being the intelligent CBS Vice President she is, she felt the need to share her opinion on the attack, and let’s just say, it didn’t go well. After posting this message on Facebook, it didn’t take long before CBS swiftly fired her from the company for good. How unfortunate.


Now let me tell you something, Democrats. You’re whole idea of gun control not only goes against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but it will never work. Look back at the Prohibition Era. We had placed a ban on all alcoholic drinks in a response to the alcoholic abuse that had swept the nation at the time, and what happened after that? Gang members and mafia groups got their hands on them and started illegally selling them on the black market. It wasn’t long before congress passed the 21st Amendment to repeal the 18th Amendment. They did this because in the end, it didn’t matter. You take away a man’s guns, he’ll pick up his tools. You take away his tools, he’ll pick up his forks. You take away his forks, he’ll pick up his rocks. It doesn’t matter.

The only thing we can do is enforce the laws we have now, because frankly, it’s the best we got at this point. The one thing you people fail to realize is that it’s easier to purchase weapons on the Dark Web than it is to get them from a gun store. Maybe you should use your gun control on those websites that sell assault rifles to the public illegally. You can take the guns away from bad people, but they’ll just find another way to kill you.