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Update on Star Wars Battlefront II: WE WON!

Update on Star Wars Battlefront II: WE WON!

We did it. Our voices have finally been heard. We have won.

Does this call for celebration? Yes and no. While I am cautiously optimistic about the future of this game, I am extremely happy with this new update. As of March 21st, the progression system has been completely changed to a Skill Point based system. There has also been updates to the heroes. Instead of most of them being locked behind credits, they have all been unlocked and made available to everyone. They also have the same Skill Point based leveling system. Star Cards are no longer earned through loot boxes, and are instead earned by using skill to purchase and upgrade them.

This is a major step in the right direction, and gives me hope for this game. Supposedly, credits will now be used to purchase cosmetic outfits that’ll be available sometime between the beginning or middle of April. This is how the game should’ve been on release day, but it has finally come. This game has changed for the better, and a lot sooner than Destiny 2 ever will. Since the release of this update, I’ve gotten my hands on Battlefront II and I’ve enjoyed playing the game’s multiplayer. It’s a far better experience now that you actually feel “a sense of pride and accomplishment” when you progress through actual gameplay and not shitty loot boxes.

In my opinion, now is a perfect time to get Battlefront II. Especially if you’re on Xbox, since the game is on sale for $24 with Xbox Gold. Today is a good day.

Please don’t make me regret saying this, DICE.

Rumor: EA Might Lose Star Wars…

Rumor: EA Might Lose Star Wars…


Well, if these rumors are found to be true, it certainly will not surprise me. According to several sources, Disney is allegedly meeting with other gaming companies like Ubisoft and Activision to give the Star Wars license to. Basically, they believe that EA will soon be losing the rights to Star Wars. This would force EA to cancel all work on any Star Wars projects they’re currently working on, and they won’t be able to make those games ever again. Which would be a pretty hard hit to EA. Not really significant, but it would most likely leave EA shaking.

Now, since these are just rumors, part of me believes it, and part of me doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I want this to happen. Electronic Arts has proven time and time again that they are incapable of being responsible with their licenses. Star Wars got a lot of backlash last year both on the game and the film. They were both equally decent in certain aspects, but they were both equally bad in others. Episode VIII wasn’t the greatest Star Wars film to date, and Battlefront 2 EA certainly didn’t help. Last year wasn’t a good year for Star Wars, and if I was Disney, I would demand that EA keeps micro-transactions out of the game to avoid any further controversy. If they refused, then I would inform them that effective immediately, they would no longer be able to produce anymore Star Wars content.

However, this is the real world. As much as I desperately want this to happen, another part of me doubts it will. Disney is a multi-billion dollar company with a market cap of $160 Billion. They make so much money that they mostly likely are allowing EA ownership of the license just because they get so much revenue through their infamous micro-transactions. Both Fifa and Madden are some of their best selling titles. Especially when it comes to their in-game purchases. So it would really surprise me if Disney told them no more Star Wars.

Let me explain my thoughts in detail.

If EA Lost Star Wars…

It would be a hard blow to EA, and would probably force the company to change their entire “Live Service” Plan. After all, their “Live Service” was the reason why Disney had to step in and demand them to temporarily disable their in-game purchases. This would also allow Disney to recover a bit of the backlash from last year. While it may piss off those who are currently dedicated to Battlefront 2 EA, it would allow other more skilled companies make a Star Wars title.

One of the many dreams of gamers is to see a Star Wars game made by Bethesda. Just the thought of it feels like the perfect game. Bethesda is one of the many gaming companies out there that respects and honors single player games. With Wolfenstein II and Evil Within 2 being successful titles last year, Bethesda would easily be a worthy candidate for the Star Wars license. There’s even CD Projekt Red. While they’ve had their little bit of controversy in previous titles, it’s nothing in comparison to the kind of hot water EA is currently in.

When it comes to their titles, not only are they absolutely breath taking, but they also having great gameplay mechanics. Good RPG elements, great combat, great stories, and again, breath taking visuals. The Witcher III being the most popular of their games. They’d be another great choice for the Star Wars license. The only issue with CD Projekt Red, is that they usual cut it real close when developing their titles. Witcher III for example was so very close to failing, and just barely missed flopping at release. That’s about the only thing that you’d need to worry about.

If EA Kept Star Wars…

While it wouldn’t surprise me if EA lost the rights to Star Wars, it also wouldn’t surprise me if EA kept the rights. They are literally a money printer. As I’ve already said previously, both Fifa and Madden have made millions of dollars off of their in-game purchases. They made $1.3 Million in 2015 from these titles. They’ve also been gaining $650 Million annually from their mobile titles. If Disney only cares about revenue (and they do), they’ll obviously chose the company that’ll make them more money.

Companies care more about the money they make, and less about how their consumers feel about their products. Its the one thing both Disney and EA have in common. Pry the main reason why their allegedly looking at Activision and Ubisoft for other companies to make Star Wars games. While not as bad as EA, they are pretty infamous for their in-game purchases. Activision with their Supply Drops, and Ubisoft with their infamous Season Passes. Better companies, but not really consumer friendly.

Could EA lose Star Wars? If Disney does the right thing, then yes, but it would certainly surprise me if they did. However, I partially don’t believe it’ll happen. EA makes so much money off of in-game purchases both from their mobile and AAA titles. When it comes down to it, Disney will chose the company that’ll make them more money.


All we can now do is wait and see. As far as I’m concerned, neither EA nor Disney has made any remarks on the recent rumors. So for now, nothing can be confirmed nor denied. Take what these sources say with a grain of salt. If it happens, it happens. Will I feel bad? Not really. The only people I’ll feel bad for are the gamers who bought this game and had faith in it’s future. EA fucked up, and they need to own up to it. They owe it to the people who spent $60 of their own money getting the game. No more bullshit. No more lies. No more excuses.

Be transparent, developers!

My Review of The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

My Review of The Last Jedi (Spoilers)


So I’ve heard many things about The Last Jedi from many people before I had the chance to go see it. I had people say that it wasn’t like Star Wars anymore, that the film had bad acting, there was dumb jokes, Luke wasn’t Luke, yada yada yada. However, one of my close friends kept encouraging me to go see it. He explained that the film tried being it’s own movie, and that for the most part it worked. So going in with an open mind, I went out with my dad to go see the film. After viewing it, I can say without a doubt that it was a good movie just shy of being a masterpiece.

This film had many great things in it. The opening scene was badass with the destruction of the Dreadnought ship. Learning how Leia’s powers with the force have grown over time was cool. Seeing Rei meet Luke finally gave me nostalgic throwbacks to when Luke met Yoda on Dagobah. The connection between Rei and Kylo was interesting. The new powers of the force shown in the film. Luke and Kylo’s backstory. The Battle on Crait was beautiful. The badass “fight” between Luke and Kylo. Hell, the badass fight scene with Rei and Kylo against the Red Guards was amazing. Probably my favorite part.

Just from hearing all of that, you’d assume the film is amazing. However, though I may have enjoyed the film, I can not deny it’s flaws. Allow me to list them:

1) – Rose x Finn Felt Forced

In the film, we’re introduced to this new character, Rose Tico. She is a mechanic aboard Leia’s ship and is also a huge fan of Finn after he became a part of the Resistance. The two characters meet up after Finn attempts to leave on an escape pod in-order to go and find Rei. Rose stops him however, believing he his deserting his post. The two then go on wild adventures together (that I’ll get to eventually), and we’re towards the end of the film. The First Order have this mini Death Star Cannon that’ll be able to blast through their defenses.

As it’s about to fire, Finn attempts to quickly slam his ship into the cannon, destroying it and killing himself in the process. However, Rose jumps in and knocks his ship out of the way, saving him. Finn then runs over to Rose in the crashed speeder, asking her why she did that. She responded saying, “We got to protect the things we love. That’s how we win.” A cheesy line finished with a kiss that didn’t feel real. It felt rushed. It felt forced, and to be honest, I’d prefer Finn x Rei. That’s what I was hoping for.

2) – The Animal Cruelty Message

Going back to the adventures Finn and Rose went on, one of the things they went to was this Horse Racing-like Track where they had these animals, and they were showing how these animals were treated during and after the races. They show how they lash these electric whips and leave these scars on their bodies, and as I’m watching this all unfold I’m just sitting here like … why is this in a Star Wars film??? It just does not fit. This is a series about an epic battle between good and evil. This is a series about the wonder of the Force and learning about the light and dark. This is the series that teaches with great power comes great responsibility.

This just felt completely out of place. Seriously, I thought I was about see the PETA logo pop on the screen eventually. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I honestly felt this was a redundant scene that wasn’t needed in this film.

3) – The Casino Planet

Another thing that I didn’t like was the Casino Planet that Finn and Rose went to. This place served no purpose other than to find some character named … DJ, who would be able to hack into First Order tech for them. The whole sequence of them going through this place was just kind of dry and just felt like filler to me. Not only that, but it was fairly obvious that this planet served only to make fun of Capitalism. Which I find silly considering that Disney is practically the face of Capitalism in America. I thought it was a dumb planet that was easily forgettable.

4) – Captain Phasma and Supreme Leader Snoke Died Too Early For Me

This was probably the most disappointing thing that happened for me in the entire film, when Snoke and Phasma died. I was honestly really bummed about it. These are characters I was hoping to see a lot more of. I was thinking they were going to treat Snoke like Darth Sidious and have him return in the final film for the final showdown. I also thought Phasma would stay with us through the entire trilogy, acting as a Bobo Fett of the series … but no, they both die in this film. Phasma being killed in (admittingly) an cool fight against Finn, and Snoke probably dying in the lamest way possible.

The way Snoke died was really dumb. Basically, he gave Kylo Ren the opportunity to complete his training by killing Rei. However, Kylo had another plan. What pisses me off about this, is that Snoke was bragging about how he could read Kylo’s mind and know what he was doing … and yet he was unable to foresee Kylo using the force to spin Rei light saber around and ignite it. Slicing Snoke in half. A disappointing and quick end to two villains I wished to see more of.

Final Verdict

There was also a few small things here and there that I felt were out of place, but I decided to not put them in this review. We’d be here all day otherwise. So, with all of this being said, what is my final verdict on the film? 7/10 Like I said, a good film just shy of being a masterpiece. If these issues weren’t in there, it would’ve been able to reach an 8/10 or 9/10. However, regardless of these gripes, I do seriously recommend that you go see the film. I enjoyed it, and if you’re a fan of Star Wars, I think you will too.