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RANT: The Small Problem with Siege…

RANT: The Small Problem with Siege…

Alright, I can’t be the only one that get’s pissed off when this happens. Troll players who take advantage of the game’s Friendly Fire mechanic. This mechanic, in my opinion, completely ruins everything great about this game. All it takes is two people who are working together to end the game with a failure by either killing the hostage or murdering the whole team. Friendly Fire is a redundant system. I understand the developers wish to make a realistic environment for their first person shooter, but when you have little to no punishment for troll players, then it just becomes annoying and ruins the game.

I run into the same garbage players almost every other week, and it kills the whole point of a tactical shooter where you have to rely on your teammates. I understand there was a “fix” for this game back in 2016 regarding the Friendly Fire issue, but I’m seeing no significant differences. Vote kicking is completely unreliable when your dealing with more than one troll, kicked from the game in Casual isn’t good enough, and the punishment tiers for ranked don’t really help either.

There are games that play and work fine without Friendly Fire. Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch namely. Those games would be horrible if Friendly Fire was an implemented mechanic. When you make a game that is based around working as a team to achieve your goal, Friendly Fire should not be an option. Period. It ruins the whole point of it, and becomes a problem when trolls begin exploiting it. Seriously, Ubisoft, please fix this somehow. Alter it, change it’s settings, or remove it entirely.

Do something.