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Destiny 2: Forsaken/Black Armory – The Destiny I’ve Been Begging For … Kind Of.

Destiny 2: Forsaken/Black Armory – The Destiny I’ve Been Begging For … Kind Of.


Destiny has been an up and down rollercoaster ever since the first game was released back in 2014. Many people even equating it to an abusive relationship, and I can’t really blame them. Bungie hasn’t necessarily done itself any good. If Destiny 2’s launch state wasn’t bad enough, the following DLCs (Curse of Osiris & Warmind) were absolutely terrible. With poor story telling, short and dull missions, and lazy new game mechanics. It wasn’t looking good for Destiny, to say the least. Activision doesn’t even consider the game a success, and that’s never good to hear from your publisher.

Now despite all of these truths, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t enjoying my time playing Destiny 2: Forsaken. Yes, I’m well aware that it is mirror to what Bungie did back in Destiny 1 for The Taken King. However, after putting a fair amount of time into this new expansion, I can safely say that now is a perfect time to return to Destiny 2. The story is far superior to last two, the new game mechanics are great (with some minor flaws), the new raid added is amazing, the new loot is worth the grind, random roles are back (kind of), and I actually feel good about the Annual Pass (kind of).

In this review I’ll be giving a brief run down of my thoughts on Destiny 2: Forsaken thus far, and will be including my thoughts on The Black Armory as well. This review will also contain some spoilers here and there. So if you for any reason haven’t played Forsaken yet, and you’re wanting to experience it for yourselves, please leave now. Spoiler Alert Ahead! With that all being said, let’s get started.

The Story

Forsaken starts us off with a distress call from Petra Venj. She’s just informed us that there is a riot going on at the Prison of Elders, and she needs help getting everything under control. So, with the help of Cayde-6, we descend deep into the prison to assist Petra in restoring order. However, as the riots continue, explosions are caused which begin setting off chain reactions throughout facility. Letting out some prisoners better kept locked away. Regardless, after fighting your way through wave after wave of enemies, you and Cayde manage get the security systems back online. All seems well, until Petra discovers high-value inmates missing from their cells.

She informs Cayde that there is an airlock on one of the bottom decks, and believes that is where they’re going to escape. So Cayde, being the man he is, decides plunge his way down to the bottom of the prison. Using the dangling security hub as a makeshift one-way elevator. Soon as he hits the bottom, he is immediately surrounded by several tough looking Fallen prisoners. Soon as they spot him, they send their underlings after him, and what begins is an absolutely spectacular scene of Cayde-6 in action.

I won’t go into too much detail here, because you need to see it to truly enjoy it. As the fighting dies down, Cayde is worn out and beat. He pulls out his Ghost in need of a pick-me-up. However, before he is given that chance, one of the Fallen inmates (who has now perched himself in a high spot) snipes his Ghost, killing it instantly. Without Cayde’s ghost, there is no where left for him to run. The Fallen prisoners defeat him, and the inmate in-charge of the group, Uldren Sov, deals the final blow. Killing Cayde with his own Ace of Spades.

From this moment onward, your Guardian along with Petra Venj, are both out for blood to avenge Cayde-6. In rush of rage, the two of you invade The Tangled Shore, and with the help of Spider, you track down the Fallen Barons who were responsible for the death of your fellow Guardian. With each of the Barons dead and gone, you make your way for Uldren, only to find a dark truth. Uldren had been seduced by a manifestation of his sister, Mara Sov, into believing he could bring her back. Instead, he unleashed a greater evil unto this realm. The Ahamkara known as Riven.

A mystical, dragon-like beast who was taken by Oryx during the Taken War. She was the Awoken’s greatest ally, and now, she has become their ultimate curse. As we finish Uldren, we begin our journey into the Dreaming City, a paradise created for Riven. As a means to conceal her from the outside world. However, this paradise was short lived when the Taken War began, and Oryx had invaded the Dreaming City. In the process, he took Riven, and she was now a Taken Ahamkara.

At this point, the players are given one task: Drive deep into the heart of the Dreaming City, find Riven, and grant the Queen her Last Wish; Killing Riven.

The Gameplay

(Mostly) Everything that many people have been asking from Bungie was finally brought here in this new expansion and the Black Armory DLC. Destiny 2 Forsaken has random rolls, better loot drops, more challenging raids, better XP gains, more adventurous quests, better told lore, and visually spectacular new environments. It’s also given players so much more to do. With weekly clan bounties now added in, weekly challenge completions that grant players with “Powerful Gear”, weekly flashpoints on different planets, weekly bounties for the Dreaming City and helping the Queen defeat Riven, two new raids (The Last Wish & Scourge of the Past), and a new PvPvE multiplayer mode (Gambit).

We were also gifted with a new third skill tree with each of our Supers. Warlocks were given Nova Warp (which turns you into a spectral ghost that moves quickly and kills any enemy instantly with one attack), Well of Radiance (which creates a ring around wherever the well is planted, it heals all members of the fireteam within it, and it also grants them a slight damage buff), and Chaos Reach (Kamehameha … that’s it … that’s Chaos Reach). On the other hand, Hunters were given Spectral Blades (which turns the hunter into an invisible assassin with dual blades), Blade Barrage (which takes the regular solar hunter knife times twenty and making them explosive … AND making them be thrown everywhere), and Whirling Guard (which takes the Arc Staff and makes it deflect attacks, and the damage of any attack deflected is tripled). Finally, the Titans were granted Banner Shield (which a shield that absorbs damage from enemies while your fireteams works on dealing damage), Siege Hammer (which is a much larger flame hammer that attacks people with flame tornadoes, which is always fun), and Thundercrash (which turns your Titan into an Arc Meteor, and you get to control where they land).

Each of these new Supers also come with their own perks, but if you wanna know more about the details, I’ll leave that for you all to find out on your own. Needless to say, these new gameplay mechanics for D2 definitely made the game more both challenging and enjoyable. At least for me.

The Complaints

While I absolutely love this new expansion, there are a few minor things that kind of ruin the experience for me. Mainly, the PvP aspect. I simply don’t enjoy it that much, because it mostly revolves around luck. It’s similar to Call of Duty’s PvP, where whoever shoots first is usually the one to win. This is especially true when you’re going against a player who is using Sleeper Simulant, Nova Warp, Queen Breaker’s Bow, etc. (aka “One Hit Kill” attacks). Typically I don’t really mind one hit attacks, but when you have little to no chance to recover or react, it kind of gets really annoying.

We had this issue when Gambit first came out. Everyone was using Sleeper. It was just the best weapon to have. When you got heavy ammo, you got enough rounds to wipe the whole enemy team. Also, the gun is one hit on impact, no matter what part of the body you hit. So if you’re invading, it’s basically required that you use Sleeper, or you have you’re super ready. However, it has to be a Super that kills quickly.

While we’re on the topic of Gambit, the game mode itself has it’s problems. Main one, at least for me, is how fast the invasion portal comes back. I understand the need for it, but the frequent use of it is crazy. You’ll have players constantly invading every 30 seconds while your team is trying to kill your Primeval. I understand it being a way for the enemy team to catch up if they’re behind, but at the same time, there should be a bit of a longer cooldown before invading.

On top of that, I believe Primeval’s should be more challenging. Instead of just shooting, there should be some Raid-like mechanics put into it. Maybe you have to complete some sort of puzzle or kill a certain enemy in order to make the boss vulnerable. Something that adds a little bit of uniqueness to the fight. Making each boss feel different. A good example is the Primeval you need to kill for the Malfeasance Quest. That is a unique boss that you can fight. The rest are just Taken enemies with nothing special about them. You just shoot them.

The Black Armory

An interesting idea, but not quite executed well. I didn’t necessarily like how difficult it was at launch. I felt it was a little unforgiving with a very low time limit and a drastic increase in difficulty. I don’t mind difficulty, but please try to give everyone a chance. Don’t release a DLC that no one can play Day One. However, since the release, they have fixed a lot to make the game more bearable. More time will be granted (one second per kill) and the decreased the level so more people could attempt the forge.

Aside from that, the Black Armory DLC is alright. Doesn’t necessarily do much for the story, and is kind of just more lore tacked on to the back story of Destiny. Good loot though so, can’t really complain. Haven’t sat down and attempted the Raid yet, so I can’t fully review this yet. You’ll hear about that sometime in the future.

In Conclusion

All in all, Forsaken and Black Armory are two things in Destiny 2 that we needed. Without them, this game would simply be left in the dust. Forgotten to time. It finally gives players a reason to play Destiny. Before, we had little to no quests to do, no raids worth completing, no quests worth doing, but now, things are better. Things are more enjoyable. We can finally have fun on Destiny 2 again. It’ll never be perfect, but it is nice to know things are looking up.

I only hope that this the start of better things to come.




How is the Xbox One X popular??

How is the Xbox One X popular??


So apparently, according to Microsoft, pre-orders for the Xbox One X have officially sold out and it’s outpaced any previous Xbox they’ve developed in the past. This console, bare in mind, is being sold for $499.99, and yet surprisingly, that doesn’t seem to upset anyone at all. Curious, because back in 2014 when the Xbox One was announced, everyone was upset and shocked by the console’s price. However, when Microsoft states that the console will be “the most powerful console ever”, suddenly, everyone becomes ecstatic about it and proceed to blindly go pre-order at will. Why? What changed? What makes this so different from what Microsoft tried to do back in 2014??

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve viewed the specs for this console, and I understand why many gamers would be happy for this upcoming Xbox, but I found it odd when I saw Rise of the Tomb Raider played on the Xbox One X didn’t surprise me. This console is supposed to come with true next-gen graphics, 4k visuals, smooth lighting and textures, and a boost in framerates. Yet … the game looked no different than how I viewed on the original Xbox One. I’m sorry, but when your game can’t look better than Until Dawn on PS4, and you’re playing the game on a “4k HD console”, I start to feel like you aren’t being so truthful with your product.

Also, when comparing the consoles specs to your average gaming PC specs, it’s meh really. Nothing special. It’s got a couple nice features, but that’s about it. Sure it may sound great for a gaming console, but when you can just get a gaming PC for $100-$150 cheaper, it comes down to what would you rather pay for? My main question though is where the hell did this sudden hype come from??

When the Xbox One was $500 …

The original Xbox One was met with a lot of criticism when it was first announced. Not only was $499.99 price seen as outrageous, but the requirements to get the console operating was also viewed as unnecessary. The console had to be connected to the internet at all times, it also required a Kinect device for it to fully function, and even worse, Microsoft had been (and still is) colluding with the NSA. Allowing them to conduct surveillance on those who purchased the console.

Since all of this information was leaked out, the company suffered. Little to no one had bought the console, and had instead focused on their attention on the #399.99 PS4 that Sony announced. So what did Microsoft do? They finally listened. They made the console able to be used online, they removed the Kinect and eventually discontinued it, and they downed the price to $399.99. Though the console had some trouble with Lizard Squad during Christmas of the same year, the Xbox One went on to being a decent console and had worked great.

So back then, we weren’t willing to pay $500 for the console, but suddenly we’re cool with it? I’m still trying to figure out why.

Do NOT Pre-Order Consoles

How are the pre-orders for the Xbox One X so high? While I can agree with some of the hype, I find it very risky to go and pre-order a console you haven’t truly seen yet. Remember, you are investing $500 into this. So you better hope and pray that it doesn’t come out in a bad state. Since pre-orders are sold out, that means they will need a few months to make new models for those who didn’t get to purchase them in time. So if anything happens to your console, you’ll be stuck waiting for a few months until you get your new console with you warranty.

This is a very risky decision. Look at what happened with the Nintendo Switch back when it first came out. “What are you talking about, Mason?? That console is awesome. It didn’t suck.” You may say. Yeah, for the most part is was an excellent console … for some, not all. When the console finally came to the states, it was met with praise and criticism within it’s first days. The issues were the following: screen tearing, framerate dropping, texture glitches, game crashes, loud ear-piercing noises, dead pixels, small game library, the docking station causing scratches on the tablet’s screen, and even games being rendered unplayable.

When you sink $500 into the pre-order of a console, you better know exactly what you’re paying for, and you better hope it works.

In Conclusion

Think before you buy. I understand that the specs on the Xbox One X are very high quality compared to other specs for consoles. However, the best way to properly purchase a console, is to wait and see. Just wait a little while longer, save your money, and truly make sure that the console is truly the greatest ever made. You are only going to feel horrible when you get the console, and it turns out to be a total, technical, or glitch mess. You don’t want to feel like you just threw away $500 when you get your product. I won’t be able to stop you from buying it, but at least let this serve as a warning when pre-ordering gaming consoles.

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