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Livestreams Moving Forward

Livestreams Moving Forward

This is a little update on livestreams and how they will continue on this site. Starting from here on out, I will be doing livestreams every Tuesday and Thursday during the late evening. Usually they will be happening around 7PM EST or later. This will just depend on what’s happening at the time. Regardless, I’ll do what I can to keep you all in the loop. Even though we were entertaining an audience of six people, I still enjoyed at least making those six people smile. Even a little bit.

Now for my recordings. Since the livestreams I do only stay on my account for two weeks before being deleted, I’ve decided to move the streams over to my YouTube account, The EqualOpportunityGamer. You can find the link to my account on my blog’s main page just underneath the title. This is so people who haven’t seen the streams and want to get caught up can easily go view them. Also, you’re going to want to see how lucky we got with fighting Apollyon in For Honor. We got REAL lucky.

I want to thank you guys again for all your support. I appreciate all your help, no matter how big or small. Whether you’ve read my work or followed my page, you’ve helped me out in some way, and I couldn’t thank you enough. Because of all of you, you’ve inspired me to expand my creativity, and it’s al thanks to you. For Thursday, I plan on uploading a video regarding a little talk on Microsoft, Bungie, and EA. Just wanting to make conversation with you guys while I play some random games for a bit.

Looking forward to it. Stay tuned!

Logan messed up, but there’s more to it …

Logan messed up, but there’s more to it …


YouTube has come under fire after one of their famous (or infamous depending on how you feel) idols, Logan Paul, made a very dumb video to kick off 2018. If you don’t know, Logan made a vlog about his visit to the Aokigahara Forest to go “ghost hunting” as a funny vlog. In a forest … where people actively go … to kill themselves. This would’ve been fine if he had gone to an abandoned building supposedly haunted, but this is an active site where people with sever depression go to end their lives. It’s a serious problem going on right now in Japan … and this dumbass went “ghost hunting” there.

While on their walk through the woods, Logan and his friends come across a dead body hung to a tree. Now at this point, any normal person would turn off the camera and alert the local authorities immediately. Obviously wanting to respect the victim and his/her family … unless you’re Logan Paul. What he did was absolutely dumb, and honestly, I really think he should’ve known better. What did he do? Went up close to the body, filming the whole thing, laughing and joking with his friends, and even joking at the emergency team about where the body was located.

This is absolutely NOT what to do when you encounter a dead corpse. A person who has probably been going through hell for a good chunk of their life, and not being able to handle it any longer. You don’t record their corpse for YouTube! You don’t joke and mock the situation! You don’t laugh about it! EVER! Suicide is a very serious issue, and should be treated with the upmost respect and care. I had one of my very close cousins commit suicide two years ago. A woman who I cared for all my life. A woman who turned me into the gamer I am today. Losing her was a huge kick in the gut. I felt like I lost a part of myself for awhile.

This shit isn’t a joke, Logan. However, YouTube has done some things recently that made me realize, Logan was only a part of the problem…

YouTube Actively Promoted the Original Video

That’s right. Before all the controversy had gone down, YouTube had somehow managed to get the video to number ten on trending! On Trending! Which means it was the tenth most popular video on the site at that time! How the fuck and why did YouTube allow something like that to make it to trending!?!? This video is illegal when you go read the YouTube Terms of Service. You are NOT allowed to upload videos of gore or death, UNLESS it used for educational purposes and is approved by YouTube! Which basically means not only did Logan break the ToS, but so did YouTube, and this is what really infuriates me about this whole thing! They MANUALLY reviewed this video, and gave it the green light saying it was good for YouTube. What the fuck??

What makes this story even more terrifying, his fans were actually supporting the video and giving it likes! They are still supporting his video! Still giving him excuse after excuse for what he did! People liked this video, and that right there shows just how much power this guy has over his audience. The dude could upload a “I Killed My Best Friend PRANK” video, and everyone would bow at his feet. Praising the almighty god that is Logan Paul. So fucking despicable.

YouTube is Censoring Critics and Protecting Logan

The rabbit hole sadly goes deeper than that. Recently YouTube has been going on a witch hunt for anybody on the site who criticizes Logan for his video. Claiming that videos these critics post have “false information/meta data”. A tactic that Google is rather infamous for using against various forms of media. Mostly against conservative and republican media like Fox News, Info Wars and PragerU. However, in this instance, they are using it to cover Logan’s ass from any further backlash. They know that if Logan get’s his reputation destroyed, YouTube could lose one of their key (money making) idols. So they got him covered, censoring/deleting any video that attempts to criticize his post. Unless they’re mainstream media, because they’d fucking lose against CNN or Fox News.

“Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.”

YouTube wants this to disappear from the internet. They want this controversy to die as quick as it possibly can. Doing whatever it takes to make it go away. Well, the answer is no, YouTube. It’s time you quit fucking around with your content creators, and own up to the mistakes you’ve made. Own up to the lies you’ve told them. Quit making up bullshit excuses for your “famous” creators when they fuck up. Stop trying to cover up and hide any dirt on you or your idols. Stop trying to cover your tracks and grow a pair. Show us you mean well. Show us you care. Show us you want to make YouTube great. Show don’t tell! Actions speak louder than words, and you need to wake up and realize that fact.

In Conclusion

Do I think Logan fucked up bad? Yes. Do I think he should own up for how he handled the situation? Yes, and I think he really did in his second apology. Do I think this was entirely his fault? Well … no. In a rather interesting way, most of the fault lies squarely on YouTube themselves. Since the release of this video (they manually reviewed), they have promoted it to the moon and back. They put it on trending, put re-uploads on trending, deleted videos criticizing him, and even gave a vague “apology” for it. Logan is merely a fraction of the real problem here, and that’s YouTube giving a damn about their own Terms of Service. Which brings me to this … Susan Wojcicki, the current CEO of YouTube.

A woman who has failed to do her job as CEO, and continues to fail at every end. She’s done nothing to help content creators. She’s done nothing to fix the problems with her own damn site. She’s done nothing to make life better for people who wish to do YouTube as a full time job. She’s FAILED … and it’s time for her to (respectfully) step down as CEO. Susan, it’s time for you to go. Enough is enough. Either do your job properly, or don’t do it at all.